when you want to write..?

Writing is a skill which requires many steps to do it in the best way..So all people can read what you write with understanding..You have to recognize the topic you want to write about..You can follow these steps:1- decide the topic .2- the ideas about this topic,so you can make a list of them..3- Put your ideas in order (from most to least)so you can arrange you essay,paragraph or report..4- Write a brief Summary so you can correct yourself and your ideas.5- Expand your ideas with other ideas..6- choose a brief conclusion which is as summary to all the ideas..You should choose the language which you are using according to your readers..I wish you will like my brief steps in writing a good essay or simple topic..All my best wishes..Emilie

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  •  Just one thing to say: nice steps for everyone to follow up next time when writing.

  • Emilie's writing plan is excellent. This is how to organize your writing regardless of the language you are using. The first step is to decide what you want to say. Then decide the best order to give each idea. Then polish your ideas, sentences, and words for the best result.
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