A phrase is group of words which is used together and has a meaning of its own. In another word, the meaning of a phrase is often not obvious from the meaning of the individual words in it. In this group, we will make a collection of all phrases ...
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  • I would like to learn something new, so I'm very interested in the group. Please tell me if I could become a member or not, thank you.
  • Want to learn something new from you....I strongly believe that you also get something very new..English is passion...My skype id - yajoarderhimel... 

  • Meaning and usage of Off beam
    Off Beam
  • Lets improve our English
  • Lets improve our English
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  • You are most welcome notears.

    Zakaria, Hello! Thank you for joining us in this group. Have wonderful time with us !

  • Hello Skoon It seems interesting ,now what phrases are we going to deal with?


  • Yes How lucky we are to have you notears and other friends and of course you my little sister Manal :) I'm really happy to see you here Manal and Notears. Hope you like our groups here.

    @notears, Don't worry. Anis, Grace, and some other friends here will make you active. They really do a good job here to learn phrases. I would like to thank them all in advance. Thank you very much. Love ya all. Ks&Hs ^_^

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be in hot water

be in hot waterif someone is in hot water, people are angry with them and they are likely to be punished.- He found himself in hot water over his speech about immigration.get (sb) into hot water- You'll get into hot water if your teacher finds out.  Ps. the original link:http://dictionaries.cambridge.org/define.asp?key=hot*13+0&dict=I

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watch your back

watch your back: that means to be careful of what is happening around you Examples:1. You'd better watch your back at work. A lot of people want your position. 2. I'm so lucky that you watch my back for me. I would be clueless without your help.

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