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Follow me - Beginner - Episode 30

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  • Hello There, This is Rajib. For improving fluency if you want to practice with me just add me . My Skype ID is : monjurajib

  • For me, it is full of resource of learning English. Let see, how much i can do. For now,thank you very much.

  • Hi everyone! I'm Vietnamese. I want to improve my English.

  • 2385484156?profile=original

    Thank you for inviting me here in this group. I am glad to be with you here.

  • Thank you so much for inviting me to such a helpful group. =))

    Keep going on, Nida. ^^"

  • nida jan salam!


  • Dear Nida, thanks a lot for inviting me. I'm seeing you enjoy Dady Long Legs..hehehehehehe...Have a terrific time!

  • Hi, everyone!!!! I'm glad to be here! Let's see what we can do!

  • Welcome to the group, Fatirose Nina!

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Video resources for learning English + Free online university courses

Learn English1. Follow me to Britain: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced.2. LOOK AHEAD3. New Headway4. extr@ English5. Learn English Through Movie Scenes6. The best English7. Australia Network Learning English: Living English, Study English(series 1, series 2, series 3), Nexus, Business English, Passport to English.8. Multimedia-English9. Learn American English online10. Hugosite.com - Learn English in 365 LessonsTake the University Courses, Online, For Free1. Coursera2. Free Courses…

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IELTS vocabulary


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Follow Me - Beginner Episode 30

Episode 30Where have you been?Hello Jane.There you are.You’re back.Yes, I’m back.Where have you been?I’ve been out to lunch.And I’ve been here in the office and it’s half past four.Yes, I know. I’m late. I’m very sorry.Are there any messages for me?Yes, there are.Are they important?Yes.What are you doing, Jane?I’m going out now.I’m going to the hairdresser’s.Oh, when will you be back?I don’t know.Yes, good bye.Hello, Francis Matthews speaking.Jane!No, she isn’t  in the office. She’s at the…

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Nida's progress report!

I'm going to use this place as my diary where I could keep a track of my progress and save links to my favorite English learning websites. Note: Here I will keep record of my personal progress so you may not find it something interesting or worthy of reading. In the end, Good Luck To ME !!!!!Some very good English learning resources;1. The English Learner Movie Guides ! 2. An Introduction for ESL learners ! 3. Follow me 4. Busuu.com 5. Multimedia English Classroom 6. Hugosite.com 7. USA…

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