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  • Hi Oriani, I am in the same group skypers, I´m looking for a person to speak english. I can write and read quite well but I have a problem talking, so I want to talk.

  • Thank you dear for your kind considerations for the FRIENDSHIP!
  • hi Oriani and all others

    i have a request

    i am new in viber and telegram and not member of any group

    i like to be. if you know any English or non-English group please be kind and add me

  • I know how difficult the high school kids can be. It is good that you are looking for other teaching jobs. Good luck dear.

  • Dear Ori,

    It is a difficult life we choose as teachers. I am very proud of you and I'm happy that I now teach adults. I only teach one high school student each week as a private lesson. She is very well behaved because she is a serious student and really wants to improve.

    It is teachers like you that help improve the life of kids even if they don't know it yet. It is wonderful in later years to have them tell you how much your class helped them with their life, their education and their job. You are a wonderful person for helping them and you're lucky that you have some good kids in there with the difficult ones. Can you imagine a class with only bad kids? That would be a nightmare.

    I'm so happy to hear from you again and hope you can always keep a positive attitude.
  • I hope you enjoy your vacation Oriani. Teachers need some time away to get our strength back. Are the high school students motivated to learn or being forced to take English? I've had some in Saudi Arabia who weren't motivated because they didn't want to learn English but were required to take it.
    Are most students well behaved? If they behave well and try to learn, I love teaching high school students. If not, it can be very tiring.
  • I miss you as a double my beautiful Teacher.

    Have a great time.

  • Dear Oriani,

    That is one of the best parts of EC, making friends with people all around the world. I'm so happy that you got to meet some of your friends. That is the way everyone should travel, contacting their EC friends when they are going to be in another country.

    I have many friends that I met before they joined EC. When I meet people studying English I encourage them to join and even send them an invitation. I had friends in Saudi Arabia before I moved there, but couldn't ever meet them because they were female. I hadn't met Saudi men on EC at that time. The women there have a lot of time to practice English and many of them work harder at their studies than the men.

    Maybe you remember Skoon who was very active here about five years ago. I met her on EC and then kept track of her progress after I moved there. She is now in the USA in an English graduate program, but I was already in Japan when she got that opportunity.

    I am so happy when my old friends from here succeed in their English studies. I am also very excited to see what you have accomplished. I hope you will get a chance to write some more to help inspire the new members. Some just give up and don't progress. It takes a lot of hard work to to do as well as you have done. :) 

  • I'm sorry too.  Maybe speakpipe isn"t working anymore. I contacted them that same day and they never replied. I don"t know if your earliest posts can be found. I do know that if you change your profile the old ones disappear. I think mine only go back five years from when I changed my name.

    I'm glad to see that you have continued to be a member. So many of my old friends kept improving their English and became teachers or got admitted to graduate schools. Then their busy lives got in the way of EC. I have gone for periods when I only had time to drop by every few weeks too. The good thing is that EC is always here waiting for our return :) 

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