All aware how much reading helps to expand vocabulary.

Discussing helps to memorize information.

This group is focused on discussing articles on popular topics which any of group members might have read.

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Welcome =)

Since this group is focused on discussing articles on popular topics here we have some ideas to work on.

Suggested keys for discussions:
• your impression and conclusions from what you have read
• new expressions and phrases which enriched your vocabulary

Suggested resourses:
• others alike

The articles should provide both valuable information and excellent English vocabulary. Obviously, they should not provoke misunderstandings but promote exchange with different opinions and improve our attitude towards surrounding world.

To supply this group with working material there was created a special blog. You can look up it in the RSS box below or by following the link

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  • Hi guys! Sara abdulaziz, MaiOshka, and demet, welcome to our expanding company! ;)
  • Welcome liah, our new member; hope you will enjoy your stay here!


  • Hi Selma and all the buddies!

    I am happy to notice that all in the group have smiling faces and cheery mood! It's impossible not to love this group! :)

    Thanks, Selma, for the nice picture!

  • love this group Pictures, Images and Photos
  • Anna, you are definitely welcome in this group! I am glad that the group is growing due to appearing of such smiling people as you are! :)
  • Hi all the team!

    ElBayar Khadija and Darshinio, hi guys! Welcome to our group! Visit this page from time to time to find out what's new! :)

    I found this page
    What would you say, dear members, was it worth a discussion? Where? In this group or in general discussion?

    Looking forward to your opinions! :)

  • Hi guys,

    I am glad to welcome the new member in our group, viji.nesh! Enjoy your stay here and thanks for your participation in discussions!

    By the way, we have a new discussion here -Love of lyrics. Do you love to sing, guys? =)

  • Hi Huda,

    I am glad you joined our group! Hope you'll discover here something valuable for yourself... Enjoy everything you find here! ;)

  • Hi Syubi,

    Thanks for your active participation in this group right after joining it! If everyone were so active, I would greet him here at once! :)

    Martin, I also appreciate your daily attendance to our refference library! ;)

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    Wow, again I overlooked the arrival time of our new member! Oh, shame on me!


    Hi Primrose! I am happy to greet you here. :)

    Hope you will find  your stay in the English Workshop group to be useful and enjoyable.

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Love of lyrics

Let's share lyrics which have really meaningful words.One song for one reply.This is also English and we can discuss the words and certain places if hard to understand. Also you can mention your favourite places (words).I remember one guy from school who was a stammerer. But if you just knew how he sang!Smoothly!   :)

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Learning places, useful links

Let's make this place like shared favourites on learning places on the internet.You are welcome to share web sites you really used and found helpful for some reason. Also you can explain in a short comment what exactly is interesting in one or another particular resource.Let's place not more then 1-2 links per post to make discussions about those resources easier (discussions via replies).Hope you will enjoy this page and willingly share for common benefit. =)

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5 Tips To Turn A Bad Day Into A Good Day || Sample discussion

 The article 5 Tips To Turn A Bad Day Into A Good Dayis published on, it's not necessary to copy tips into a new discussion. I did so just for making a sample (= how it works).Copy or not, let it be your choise.------------------Discussing the content1. Why did I choose this article? / What made me wonder in the article?Everyone is facing in his life better and worse days. Everyone works out his own tips how to gain strength in when he is struggling.…

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How to

Dear friends, This section is designed to suggest the scenario how to make a new discussion here.As it has already mentioned in the Welcome box, to supply this group with working material there was created a special blog Below each of the articles in it there is a link which refers to the original text.So, you can use either any of those articles or any resembling article you have found by yourself. How to handle the material and to make your discussion…

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