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Dear friends,


This section is designed to suggest the scenario how to make a new discussion here.

As it has already mentioned in the Welcome box, to supply this group with working material there was created a special blog Below each of the articles in it there is a link which refers to the original text.

So, you can use either any of those articles or any resembling article you have found by yourself.


How to handle the material and to make your discussion productive

The discussion of an article must be entitled the same as the article being discussed.

Then it's necessary to post the link referring to the original text to allow others to read the article and participate in the discussion. After that you can express your thoughts on what you have read.


The following questions will help to make your study easier. You can apply them as a plan. Clearly, it's just an auxiliary suggestion and not obligatory to follow it literally.

Discussing the content

1. Why did I choose this article? / What made me wonder in the article?
2. What have I accepted/opposed in this article? Give a couple of reasons.
3. Have I found out something new from the article? Tell a few details.
4. Do I like the style and how the article is written?

Discussing the vocabulary

1. Did I learn new words from the article?
2. Did I learn new phrases from the article?
3. Did I learn new expressions from the article?
4. Name a couple of words/phrases/expressions on every item at least. Supply each word or phrase with its meaning (explanation in other English words). It might be your own explanation or broght out from Macmillan or other dictionary.

Additional tips


You can use new vocabulary while explaining your opinion on the topic of the article you have already been studying.


Everyone responding in the discussion can also apply these questions above.


Everyone is welcome to correct/point out the mistakes of fellow writers and to share his own view on the article.


I wish US success in OUR English studies!




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