Learning places, useful links

Let's make this place like shared favourites on learning places on the internet.

You are welcome to share web sites you really used and found helpful for some reason. Also you can explain in a short comment what exactly is interesting in one or another particular resource.

Let's place not more then 1-2 links per post to make discussions about those resources easier (discussions via replies).

Hope you will enjoy this page and willingly share for common benefit. =)

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  • Thank you, Martin! I feel like a linguist when using this website. :)

    Hi Oksana and Martin,


    Very helpful discussion, thanks so much...for bring us such as experimented addresses.


    I will look throughly when I can.




    • You are welcome, Selma, indeed! I join Martin's words. :)

      I also like this discussion and this cooperation, I even made a whole post about it. ;)

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/janeruthstraus

    This is a grammar video channel with short and useful lessons.
    Here is the web site of the same teacher - http://www.grammarbook.com

  • Great idea, indeed! Thanks for sharing.

    Long time I have been thinking how it would be useful to collect all the video vocabularies in one place. And here it is! :)

  • By the way, I was surprised that there was no description of the mark of "7" . I saw on the internet some TOEFL teachers pointed out that they had got it. Nevertheless, it's a good guidance. :)
  • Wow! How did you find this thing?

    I discovered there the guidance how to write good blog posts. ;)

    To be exact, here http://www.english-for-students.com/EssayWriting.html

    Thanks for this treasure! :)

    TOEFL : Essay Writing
    Essay Writing is now compulsory for every candidate in the computer based TOEFL.
  • http://lyricstranslate.com

    If you liked a song but you understand the lyrics not completely, there is a solution. It has probably already been translated. This website is also a network and it's members provide translations of favourite and popular songs. Visit and see the number of languages which work on the website.

  • I also use it not that much. But! In some sensitive cases it might be really important to check the word there.

    Once, I made a discovery about the word "sober". I couldn't imagine it might have almost the opposite meaning, somewhat like hangover, and the more so, it turned out to have other meanings which I wouldn't like to mention.

  • Definitely British. But I always compare with what Google says, for they provide American pronuciation (I compare both). I check a word in Macmillan for the "countable/uncountable" issue and in Google for synonyms and commonly used phrases, and in both dictionaries for the context of it.

    Try it yourself - Dictionary (Macmillan, British) and Dictionary (Google, American of course; I use the Russian translation because it provides more examples). The pronunciation is different (as it shoud be). :)

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