MyEC PD stands for: 

My English Club Plagiarism Detectives


This group is dedicated to eliminating and preventing plagiarism on MyEC. 


61 Members

Role of MyEC PD

Help make MyEC a fun, creative community that respects the rights of authors, artists, photographers and publishers. 


What you can do as a member of MyEC PD: 

  • Link to external sites rather than copying content that you like. (Be a good model. Quote only a few lines and always credit the author.)
  • Report blog posts that you believe are copied (please provide a link to the original source if you can find it online.)
  • Encourage new members to take the Plagiarism Pledge.
  • Copy the MyEC PD image and use it as a badge in your own blog posts or comments. (Help spread the word.)
  • Share the "How to Avoid Plagiarism" link with other members. 
  • Familiarize yourself with "How to Detect Plagiarism".
  • Ask questions about plagiarism in the forum. 
  • Share a story about when you accidentally plagiarized. Your mistake will help others.

Please be gentle with first time offenders who are good members of MyEC. Many English learners do not understand the rules about plagiarism. Think of yourself as an educator. Most members are very appreciative when they learn the rules. They respect the rules as soon as they know them. 


Why should you join MyEC PD? 


  • Improve your reading skills: Detecting plagiarism requires a bit of skill. It can be a good challenge for you as an English learner.
  • Protect your club: MyEC will lose its great reputation if other website owners find content that is stolen by our members and posted on our club.
  • Show respect for creative people: Help people all over the world learn the importance of honouring creativity. Say yes to inspiration and no to copying others. DIY (Do It Yourself) content is the best! 



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  • Hi everyone, 

    We had numerous reports of plagiarism on MyEC over the weekend. It seems to be getting out of hand again. Here is a reminder for all members of this group: 

    1) Read blog posts often. 

    2)If a blog post seems "too good to be true" (written by a professional writer), please copy a few lines of it and paste it into Google). 

    3) If the post comes up and was written by someone else (from another site), please report it using the Report Member form. Include the URL to the MyEC blog post. 

    Thank you! 

  • How can I improve my English learning?
  • We want one world better!! Why? And what can we do for this?
  • Dear Tara,


    Thank you very much for inviting me. I hope this will help me improve my English.

  • @Zuli 

    Great question about jokes. If you are retelling it in your own words that should be fine. Be sure to mention that you heard the joke and can't find the source (Your readers should know that you didn't make it up). 

  • Shakespeare's plays are in the public domain. If you cite from an author in the public domain, you should still provide the appropriate credit to the work and author.
  • @Sami

    If you have questions about plagiarism, please go ahead and ask. Thanks!

  • Thnx dear Nadira for the invitation:)....Im glad to join this group!! It seems nice & something new!! ^_^....good luck dear friends!!
  • Dear Natasha 

    It is a place where people spouse to as questions !!!

    Isn't it ??!!

  • How many questions people are asking! I think "to be or not to be" has become proverbial.
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