We, as teachers, always ask students to study, but have we ever told them how to? This is the place where you, as English students, can find a whole bunch of learning strategy activities to help you become effective English learners.
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  • hello all

    I am happy to join to you
  • hi every body .i ve a research about learning straregies.im in hurry so i ll be very gratful if u provide m with the main points
  • Hello,
    I'm new member. It's nice to meet you.
  • Hello Alireza,
    Iam English student and i face some difficulty to remember words form and i have some issue in writing . I want to u to help me please because i want to be better student to get good Degrees . thank u Leena
  • hi all, am proud to be a part of this group.
  • Dear Mimi,

    Thank you so much for your invitation.

    Wishing you well,
  • Take a look at my blog posts too,I have pointed out some questions you might like to answer.
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Mistakes in posts by EC users

This can be a very useful topic in many ways.Knowing your mistakes can help you improve.I am always ,as a teacher ,used to correcting my students' mistakes and telling them of all that help them to firstly recognize their weak points and secondly be aware not to repeat them anymore.I hope dear users won't take it into their hearts to single out their mistakes because here the aim is improving,learning and being correct.Please, if possible the sender of the post,preferably, tries to correct…

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How to Use a Dictionary

How to Use a DictionaryLesson OneWhy do we use a dictionary?A dictionary is a book which contains information about words. A dictionary contains an enormous amount of useful information that helps you in speaking, reading and writing. There are two kinds of dictionaries: monolingual and bilingual. Although bilingual dictionaries are required for translation purposes, students of foreign languages are advised to use monolingual ones.This topic tells you about the different types of information…

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Reading strategy

We call it selective attention,To help you focus, scan a reading for specific information and ignore other information.There are too many details in a reading,too many words.There is no need to worry about them all,know what you want and zero in on it.

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