I would like to invite all those who love to read books. Add a section of the book you read and for those who want others to read give an opinion :)
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  • Hey there (: I love reading! I mostly read any kind of literature, both in Spanish and English (Except technical books) Right now I'm reading Lovecraft's complete work in English, and Dream in the Red Chamber in Spanish. I'm not so good at analysis, though. 

  • I like to read Stephen Kings novels very much,he is one of my favorite writers.

  • i need books for my help..
  • Hello

    first thanks for this nice group ,i am a books lover and i love evry where there is books

    I dont know that there is a group for books for that i created a group called books and evryone is invited to share his opinion and be memeber if he or she wont the most important for me is to read and to show the importance of book and reading and encourage people to read.

    Thanks so much

    with my best regards!


  • hi all n how we can ghat with u..............

  • Recently, I read a short novel named The overloaded man which is writter by  J. G. Ballard. I have to say it is too difficult for me to understand it clearly. If it is not a homework for joining BOOK CLUB, I won't choose to read it forever! However, after analysising this novel by my teacher, I find that it is so surprisingly hight quality and has a lot of meaningful philosophy idea in it! Even I think some of the ideas are similar with Chinese Philosophy!

    I want to recommend this author though the choices of words in his novel are so obscure and strange.

  • Beside of music,I also love reading. Devotional,Love story, Educational books or magazines,etc. Currently,I'm reading books and mags like NORDIE'S NOON  it is a story about 4 women struggled a breast cancer. And I'm starting to enjoy reading it. I'm going to share it with you soon as I finish it. okey! bye book lovers!
  • Howdy Buddies!

    Are lazy folks here? kidding-)

    Take a look at this site, I think it is very interesting, of course if you want and have time to do it,-)






    Bibliomania - Free Online Literature and Study Guides
    800+ texts of classic literature, drama, and poetry together with detailed literature study guides. Large reference book and non-fiction section
  • It seems we are alone. Please I need sharp corrections already. Thanks in advance.

    Well, is not the last week, but today is Monday, so I can say more or less what is said is fulfilled. Uff! nearly two tousand words! So much work for you, gentle corrector?


    The Knight in Rusty Armour, by Robert Fisher.


    Robert Fisher seems to be the author of lots of comedy plots, from Marx Brothers to recent TV comedian. He wrote some books about self-helping. “The Silent Knight” and “The Owl Who Can't Ululate” (four short stories) are some of his works.


    A knight, a cavalier, is stuck in his armour, he is not able to get out of it. He wants to know-how he could get out of it.


    The tale talks about a knight's trip trying to leave out of his armour because he feels the necessity to change his world or his sphere will fall down. As a way of a contest the knight needs to find some answers for his own life.

    There is no time nor country, only the time when a knight is a knight, so are calling our memories about those times told it by lots of tales and legends in our childhood, the time when a knight was a knight and that was enough.

    He needs, the knight, passing through some questions about himself that are represented as three “castles”. These “castles” means each one a question: The “path of truth” or how you should do a journey around your believes. “The Castle of Silence” or how you are able to stay with yourself alone. “The Castle of knowledge” talks about understanding yourself and acts. “The Castle of Will and Daring” or “what do you want?” preparing yourself to distinguish between real and unreal. At last, the summit of truth which means what it is said, your rebirth.

    My opinion: I would rather do not say except time to time it is a good exercise if you are not able how to dive inside yourself.


    It would read it by friend of my heart's friend, but I don't know him  –Is not a lack of this language you can't talk about somebody without genre?–

    Question in a windy day: Do you think women and men are able to be friends?





    Where art thou, beloved domesticated carnivorous mammal?

  • Hi Baran,

    How many volumes does it have? Only three? =)

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The Eight - Catherine Neville

Hello everyone! I'd like suggest you to read The Eight. It's best seller and it's really one of the most exciting books i have ever read. With mystery and suspense and of course a wonderful love story... The continuity of "The Eight" is "The Fire".The EightNew York City, 1972—A dabbler in mathematics and chess, Catherine Velis is also a computer expert for a Big Eight accounting firm. Before heading off to a new assignment in Algeria, Cat has her palm read by a fortune-teller. The woman warns…

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The emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman - An amazing book that will teach us a lot

 A few days ago i came accross this book that I found really interesting. It teaches us how, in our daily life, emotional intelligence is as important as the intelligence that we count by IQ. According to this book, we can stimulate and developp it from our early chilhood. Self-control, perseverance, motivation and respect of others  are qualities that can help us to succeed in your life. In my life i have seen people with very high IQ failing in their lifes as others with lower intelligence…

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I have purchased a book that is very hard to get back from friends if they look at it.  It is a book for learning and practicing English.  It is a Dictionary, but so much more.  The version I bought is English/Arabic and has English phrases illustrated by pictures and also has an Arabic translation. After showing the original book to some students and friends the bookstore that had them was bought out.  I had to drive over two hours to get new books so my wife and I did not have to fight over…

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