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Does MyEC help me in the English Course?

We know that English is the language of the century, used for different purposes like studying, getting a job, surfing on the web, talking to foreign people and so on. Because of this, many people look for a school where they can study it and become fluent in it.

However, nowadays, those kind of shools (or courses) are not the only place where we can improve our English. The Internet has brougth the world to our classroom and MyEC is one of the examples for that. The social networks have helped us a lot, once we keep in touch with students, teachers and native speakers from around the world. This is simply amazing!

So, do you agree that your experiences in this network help you in your studies in the English Course? Does it give you more confidence and autonomy when you speak, write, use different expressions?

Let's share here (on the comments session), but please, only if you study at an English course .

Thank you in advance!

Joyce Fettermann

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