Happy Teacher's Day

Hi Teachers!Here in Brazil, we celebrate teacher's day on October 15th and it's so nice to be here to congratulate you all for this blessed day! For your hard work, for your passion, your dedication, your happiness, love... thanks! God made teachers to make people happy, and we really do it!May He bless us all and may we continue doing our best wherever we are.You're great people!Now, please... answer this question:What's the best part of being a teacher?<<p style="text-align: left;">

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       Well,  I   adore  my  job. When  my  students  are  happy  with  me  I'm  happy  too. There  are  some

    difficult  moments  in  everyday  teaching  but  I    try  to  overcome  with  patience  and  love. I   love  my students  and  try  to  help them in  everything  they're  inspired  to  do. The  best  part  of  my  lessons  are  my  projects.

  • to me,the best part of being a teacher is when i hear my sts get their success in study or job...i'm proud of them coz they can be succeed in their life .... being a teacher keeps me younger...i love my job coz i was born to be a teacher...
  • To me, the best part of being a teacher is when I am in class with my sts, when we have fun together, when they participate, when I feel that they are happy to be with me, when I see they are learning the things and starting to give their first steps by themselves and so on!
    I love being an English Teacher!
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