A group for teachers to exchange resources and ideas about teaching.  Post links to favourite websites. Ask for advice.  You do not need to be a qualified teacher you could be a volunteer or teaching assistant to join.  All posts will be seen and shared with all EC members

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Hi Everyone

We now have over 60 members but very few of you are active members. Please try to reply to posts or feel free to ask questions.  Tell us what you want and help to make the group work for you.  We can share resources, tips and tricks for learning and teaching.  So let your fingers do the talking and use the keyboard please.




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  • Hi I'm a new member I'm a middle school english teacher if someone want to share ideas about teaching pls contact me on skype live:.cid.62154eff6b371d6c
  • I am here to be part of this group. Thank you all for accepting me . I expect to add good things and also expect to receive many things from you all. Thank you Henri
  • Hello Tmal,
    Please help me about IAWE,International association of World Englishes. I hope to talk with you soon. miss you a lot.
    • pls add me on skype live:.cid.62154eff6b371d6c
  • Thank you for the fun pronunciation lesson, Teacher Mal! I learned plenty of words to add on my list of vocabularies. :)

  • thank youn for adding me 

  • Happy new year to all!

  • Hi

    A few of you have been asking about letter writing and business communication,  I have attached an advance workbook and answer book for you to work through.wkbk_06%20ans%20Comms%20L3%20Writing%20for%20Different%20Purposes.doc

    wkbk_06%20Comms%20L3%20Writing%20for%20Different%20Purposes.doc hope you like them

  • Long time no see, GB daddy! It's so nice to read your reply. Thank you!

  • Mickey

    One way you can improve on your own is to become familiar with the many set phrases people use on the phone.  BBC Learning English have a section on business English and a subsection on phone calls.



    Learning English - General & Business English
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Websites for Teachers and Students

Hi EveryoneUseful%20websites%20for%20learning%20English.docxI have attached a list of websites for both teachers and students.  If you can add to it and give a brief description of how it can help.  Also please let us all know if you need help either teaching or learning a particular aspect of English, we are all here to help each other.

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Let's put an end to BOREDOM:)

Have you ever fallen asleep in a class?Have you ever been eager to sit in the last row of a class and wait impatiently to leave it while doing other tasks of yours to let the time pass a.s.a.p?why have you felt so and where has that feeling come from?yawning and yawning and..........oops o_0 but what's the reason?yesssssss!!!!BOREDOM in class is the case! Malcolm and i have some questions to pose.Both TEACHERS & LEARNERS are welcome for sharing their ideas to figure out such a class…

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Right tense,Right time

We all know speaking requires at least the knowledge of a sentence structure.when you are able to make a sentence, for sure you will be able to put those sentences in the right order to make sense and start to speak.however the process above would face a common problem which is choosing the right tense at the right time with a right structure at the same time:)it all occurs when a learner identifies how to convey what he means and simultaneously starts to speak them through the right structure…

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