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  • Hello Scarlett

    Happy New Year and Merry Christmas


  • Scarletttttttttttttt :D

    Sorry; I couldn't help but shout out your name because of the surprise and excitement you brought to me with your comment :D

    Hehe, by "talkative" you mean "a lot of talking" (as it normally means) or "a lot of writing" (as it especially means on MyEC)? Anyway, it doesn't matter 'coz all I want is to communicate with you and both ways should work ;)

    Yeah, you've got a point there; sometimes we just need to stand by for a while and who knows, the situation may change :)

    Looking forward to chatting with you soon, too! Stay cheerful always :)

  • Hey I just checked in to your profile and wanted to say you have such a good taste in music. I love most of the songs in your playlist specially Lady in Red <3 

  • It's wonderful that you're majoring in English in University. In other words, your English will be in another milestone after graduation. So happy for you, Scarlett! Of course, I believe you will look after well both sides-work and study.

    No, not for studying but working. If necessary, I need to fly to China for exhibition. Yea, maybe you can study abroad someday or marry a foreigner  LOL.. who knows, right? :D  I also keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Yes, those were made by me a couple of months ago. I searched some photos about minions from the Internet before making, and then formed them according to what they look like from feet to head step by step. You were lucky to play traditional clay so early. Any your works that are still alive? It would be great if I could see them. :D 

    All right, I got to go. See you next time! Hug! <3

  • Can you imagine how happy I am seeing you back finally? How I miss exchanging comments with you. I know, I know, your hectic real life is cruel it won't let that happen so often as I would like, but please drop me one from time to time, okay? :)

    I can't say I'm leading a busy life but at the same time I don't have much free time to spare either. Still jobless yet having work to do all day. What can I say; it's complicated :/ But, the bottom line is I'm fine :D How about you? Must be dealing with lots of tasks every day, I guess. Just please remember to take good care of yourself. Have a beautiful time always :)

  • Working and studying at the same time, Scarlett? What do you major in school? You might be burning the candle at both ends. A couple of years ago I also had the experience of working and studying at the same period. It's extremely challenging. Give yourself some free time going outside for relaxation when you don't need to study. 

    This year I'm more busy with work than before. If I don't go abroad, I'd be here on EC as long as I'm available. Except work, I've spent a lot of time making small stuff with polymer clay, which is a light clay compared traditional one. Perhaps you've heard it. Okay, Scarlett, hope you have more time being with us when you have free time. I'm really happy to have your comment after such long time. Take care & keep smiling! :D



  • Hello dear Scarlett )))

    Glad to see you online! How have you been? Any good news?

    I missed your sweet voice singing songs. :)


  • Smile Means


  • Heloooo, my dear Scarlett!

    Of course, I remember you and Ha and Sakshi and Hani and Charos! You are so unique! So smart! It's a great pleasure to communicate with you! It's a pity you are not so active now. I myself visit EC from time to time because of the busy schedule. But I miss that golden time when we all were active and had fun here on EC. Now I'm having vacation so enjoy my time here. Hope to see you more often on EC, Scarlett!

    Hug you!


  • Pink Ribbon
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