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  • Dear Galina,
    8691707468?profile=RESIZE_710xWarm Regards,
    ~* Gabriel Sowrian *~

  • Hello Prostomolotova 

    Congratulations  for  being  the  star  of the month :)


  • hi

  • Dear teacher Galina,

    How are you doing? I think you are good. I really gathered a lot by reading your e-articles, blog posts appeared here, so I would like to say "thank you so much". I missed you all because of my busy work schedule, but I do my best to drop by here when I get free time. Good Luck! 

  • Yellow Ribbon
  • Dear Galina!

    How are you doing?i miss you a lot!

    guess what! now i'm an English teacher...i didn't think it might be that hard but it turned out to be..but i'm trying my best and if Allah keeps helping me i can do far i learnt a lot and i'm eager to learn more...yesterday i attended a workshop on how to be a good teacher, i was all ears in the workshop to learn and improve myself, one of my colleagues said : wow how eager are your eyes!...eager to learn...i liked that and i hope to keep them eager throughout my life...since the world is a mystery box that God has given us to explore and learn how to live a good life!

    anyway, i've been thinking about you and writing for you for some days and i came around to say  hello. 

    i pray for you , May ALLAH protect you wherever you are!

    Best Wishes,



  • Hello gallina. Im cool and you???

  • thanks my friend for your comments

  • Hi Dear,

    Hope you are fine, after long i open my EC ID. how days are going ?

  • Hello Prostomolotova Galina 

    How are you ?

    I missed you as I didn't see you for a long time ,since April

    I hope to be ok and your health is good . I wish to be back a gain and be with us in English Club a gain as before


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