Happy New Year!

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Wishing very happy new year 2013 to all!

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  • Thanks my big cat for your nice comment :)

    haha... I bet that you can't afford to pay me for working for you even if you become very rich. :D Can you guess the reason? I will damage all of your funiture and even the armchair with my "curious teeth" :D

    Oops? hacker cat? lol... no way, this video was not made by me :)

    Happy new year too!!!

  • Well done!!!

    you were so expressive ..

    you have a great voice

    I think when I become a rich person I'll hire you :p

    I listen at first only sound cuz you sent me this way. Now I saw the video.

    Congratulations dear hacker cat :p

    I believe that I've already said for you, but again: happy new year :)

  • @ My Dear Galina,

    I'm glad that you like this video. Thanks a bunch for stopping by with your kind compliment :) You make my day!

    You know, we've been doing it with much fun and enjoyment. I really love it.

  • @ Grace, Rajesh

    Nice to see your "laughter face" here ...:P I'm so happy :)

  • Thank you, Scarlett! :P

  • Scarlett, I'm amazed with your singing! A fascinating video! Bravo!!!

  • :D

  • Thanks so much Dear Robbie for approving this video and for your nice words :)

    Yeah, we (include me) were enjoying singing that song very much.

    You should visit this blog of Grace and get the answer :)

    Happy New Year for you!

  • Wow! That was a great New Year presentation from some of our talented MyEC fantastic females. The voices sounded familiar. : ) It would be great if you write the names of the female members who participated on this video, dear Scar!

    Thank you for the messages! Happy new year!




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