Most emotional and touchy performance on X Factor (Emmanuel)

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  • What a heart touching performance dear Gabriel, it brought tears to my eyes... :-(

    He's so gifted, love his voice, God bless him. Thanks so much for your stunning sharing.

  • I'm teary, and I don't care that I'm in the office.

  • Dear Gabriel ,

    The video is so impressive ,I watched it many times and I can't stop my tears every time I hear the song and Emmanuel's voice and his story ,a sensitive intelligent guy found in an orphan and even though his disability ,he has a great talent and a determination to achieve his dream .

    The choice of his song is amazing "Imagine peace forever ".We imagine a world of peace and can't find it .A world without fight and struggle ,without wars and terrorism ,but it's only a dream. As long as there are intolerant brains and people who seek only power and authority ,this world can't witness peace .So,let's imagine that for a few minutes and sing with Emmanuel .

    Gabriel, every time I  discover something new in your unique personality ,and one of these features is your highly sense of humanity that I respect and appreciate .

    Thanks a lot dear for sharing !

  • Gabriel, I more than agree with you that the video is very touching! Poor boy! He suffered so much in his life (as well as his brother)! But the most admirable thing is that in spite of his disability and bad luck, Emmanuel managed to succeed! It's like a miracle! I'm so glad for him!

    I always feel shameful when I see such people as we often dissatisfied with many things, we often complain about  this or that. But compared with these people we've got so much and still we aren't happy!

    Such people always help me to appreciate what I have and find peace in my life! Thanks for sharing, Gabriel!

  • Galina, 

    Thanks a lot for watching the video!

    I’m sure you’ll agree with me that we all could learn many things
    from the boy’s life.  It’s so heart-wrenching  that his own parents
    discarded him and his brother like litter.  I could  hardly  imagine


    On the other hand,  his adoptive  mother’s noble action gains our

    admiration.  She possesses a universal value that many of the so called moral preachers either failed to convey or reflect!

  • Dear Hala, 

    Thank you for dropping in. I appreciate it!
    I’ve no idea how you felt watching the video.
    As for me, I couldn’t stop the tears welling up in my eyes!
    Emmanuel’s story tells us a lot about a man's courage and a

    lady's humanity!   

  • Hi, Yupa!

    It's really nice to see you here!

    I'm very glad to learn that you like the video.

  • Hello, Randa!

    Thanks for watching the video and pressing the 'Like' button.

    Have a pleasant week ahead!

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