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Write everything that you like with your handwriting, then post it here by taking photo or using a scanner.

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Calligraphy means beautiful writing.

Calligraphy can be both a delight to the eye and an inspiration to the spirit.


Calligraphy is an art that just about anyone can do.

All you need is a pen and paper, and you're ready to do calligraphy.

Indeed, it requires very few materials -you don't need very much space- and, since you can probably write anyway, you already know the basics. 

Calligraphy is an art form in which patience and attention to detail are more important than artistic talent. That means you don't have to be an "artist" to be good at calligraphy.

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  • I wish to see your handwriting in your mother's tongue, Sniper!

  • Hey Sahar: Do u think the writing style in mother's tongue can affect my handwriting in Eng?!

    After all, I'm not really intrested in practicing that...

    U know that speaking in origin is effective for speaking in foreign language so I just wondered if it could be the same!

  • Nice one!

    Thanks Mahgol :)

    How wonderful our age flies!

  • Nice !

  • Nice Raya!

    I love flowers a lot :)

    What is written in the top of this rose?

  • Hello Sewar!

    Nice to meet you so!


    I can't wait to see your art here!

    Please let us see your penmanship sooner :)

  •      Hi my friend Sahar, really it is an amazing group. I like it, and I will do my best to be an active member in it, God bless you.

  • Hello Jin!

    Please check discussions.

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    We are looking forward to seeing your DiscussionS.**



    ** The explanations are from Best Group by Mahgol

  • hello sahar, 

    i saw this in the information:
    "Write everything that you like with your handwriting, then post it here by taking photo or using a scanner."

    so i'm just wondering where the photos are :) thanks

  • Wow!!

    Look who wantsto write for us!

    Hello dear Anele!

    Welocme to the group!


    Really nice to see you here!

    And I am surprised more that you are going to write for us and show your nice art here :)

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eDibLe WriTinG!

Have you ever tried to decorate a cake, cookies,.. by letters and writing on them?Whenever you made such writing art, do not forget to share it with us here. :)It is not a cake.This is a plain Salad. I would share later its recipe in worldwide kichen.

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