•     Oh my friend, please mercy us, we are fasting!!!!!!!!

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    • nice! but then how should eat it?! ;)


    • Nice Raya!
      You've done it in the Bus?!!

  • I used to bake cakes before and decorate hundreds of cakes.  I used icing and edible decors to garnish the top and sides of a cake.  It takes a lot of patience to decorate a cake but the outcome always makes me feel hungry hahaha.........

    Icing can be made from eggwhites or butter.  Your salad really looks like a cake, Mahgol!

    • hi dear Anele,

      Welcome to this nice group.

      I'm eager to see your art too.

      about salad appearance it is right; alike a cake, but its taste is totally different. you can try it. :)

    • I am waiting to see your cakes impatiently!

      Please write Sahar on it!




      Your birthday is 25 days before me!

      Then I am waiting to see Anele on your cake!

      "Lovely Anele" is still better :)

  • Hello dear!
    Time nice to you, too :)
    Hope that our Ash will be sent to you one day.
  • Wow!!
    Really nice!
    Is it write by Samanoo?
    Grdat art!
    • Great**

    • salam, Sahar jan,

      time good to you azizam.

      yes it is samanoo of our new year. :)

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