• HELLO SAHAR ,how are you ?

     i read this hand write completely last night .Oh God this is really unbelievable  cuz with reading this letter i figured out we cant predict future and u know i have written the  same thing at the begging of this year and i am so sorry for myself that i dont take place all of my goal and what do i wanna do this year , you know with reading this hand write i can say time is the most valuable thing in our life :)"

    and thanks so much Mahgol for sharing this with us :)"

    • Hello dear Sima!

      It is really nice that you have this kind of view to life. Sure, you will achieve what you want in your life. God Willing :)

    • mm..

      your welcome!

      actually I was in doubt to share it or not. That's good that you liked it.

    • Doubt?!


      Then I must say really thanks for sharing!

  • I could read her nice letter just now completely.

    Really impressive one!

    I admire her sight to the life and yes!

    She really created a marvel this year.

  • What a nice idea Mahgol!
    Her penmanship is very beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope that her soul will be in peace forever.
    @Hello Sima!
    Nice to see yo so :)
  • Hello dear MahGole .thanks for sharing with us :)"

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