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Calligraphy Pen

Hello dear EC Calligraphers!

How are you?


Let's share the the photo of our pens here.

For example it is mine:



What about you?

Which kind of pen do you write with?

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Your Handwriting & Personality


Is our personality shown in our handwriting?

Handwriting analysis is truly an intriguing concept.

It is a technique (similar to body language) used to interpret human behavior in areas such as achievement/work habits, thinking styles and even social s

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My hand writing.

This is my humble hand writing. I haven't written by my penmanship since 2007.. It's so long time .. But after I joined this group, I tried again to write. I wish you to like it although it has many mistakes ...




And this is my husband's hand writing.

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My Hand writing #2


My Hand Writing #2

This is  a picture with a words form my imagination. I love all my pictures to bearing signature, made up with  meaningful words. Like this picture that I was drawn in 2010.






So, can you find the message that was written on the plant

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EC Chat Room Handwriting

Hello dear Calligraphers :)

Have you ever tried "EC chat box handwriting"?

It is really amazing for writing!

How about sharing our "Handwriting" in chat box here?


Let me start the first please:

It is one of my handwritings:


Why don't you try one?!


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Our Name

Hello dear Calligrapher :)

How are you?


How about writing our name both in English and in our language and then sharing it here with its meaning?

I really like to see your name in your language and the meaning of it in English :)


Let me start th

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Greeting Cards by Calligraphy

Hello dear calligraphers!

How are you?

Have you ever thought that you can use your calligraphies as a Greeting Card?!

There are always some words that you like to say to your friends, something like:

"Have a Nice Day", "Have a Great Time", "Thank You", "

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The Road not Taken


The Road not Taken


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could


Then took the other, as just as fair,

 And giving perhaps the better claim,

       Because it

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