You want to speak but don't know  where to start?

I found a practical solution in singing.

Singing is an amazing way for improving your pronunciation skill especially to the  "linking"

it worths a try,

Honestly, we are all learner here and do want to achieve to make our voice heard.


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      reasons of not being here frequently as it before ? it is worth making an analyse at the point of learning progress, it may be a good idea to write something about which activity is needed at which degree (stage) based on my long term self study experiences,

    have a nice day friends,

    or, you can make this group activated as you wish ! :)

  • dearest Abril,

    don't worry, ı can't either :)

    I hope we'll be here in the near future, as a matter of fact, everybody has been busy,,,we've broken up :(

  • Another one, ı could not pass without adding,,,

  • Hello everybody,

    Les Choristes, (I also saw the film ) my favorite,

    here is ;

  • how to add video or media

  • Welcome to my new comings,

    By the way,

    Here is a spectacular music that is deeply touching your heart goes to all my dear Karaoke members,

    I miss you really, take care and god bless you,


  • I just want to share in case you haven't seen this added by Keira,

    Send out prayers.....

    Keira Video

  • ~~~~~~   Wishing you a terrific sunday,~~~~~~~~

    Do you like Cris Rea ? I'm fond of his all songs.

    There's rain on my window
    But I'm thinking of you
    Tears on my pillow
    But I will come through
    Josephine, I'll send you all my love
    And every single step that I'll take
    I'll take for you

    There's a storm on my radar
    But I can still fly
    Oh,and you are the reason
    The blue in my sky

    A life without meaning
    I was walking away
    In the coldest of winters
    Night becomes a day
    Josephine, I'll send you all my love,
    And every single step that I'll take
    I'll take for you
    My,Josephine, I'll send you all my love, babe

    Josephine, I'll send you all my love, babe
    ---and when I'm far away (oh, so far away)
    I'll send you all my love

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8 Reasons One Should Sing

                                                 I got this picture from here.I am a shy person. I had never sang before. However, from the birth of Karaoke Group, I sang. The funny thing is I do not even have  proper voice to sing. I even hated to listen to my voice. Listening to my voice was frightening. However, I realized everybody has this feeling. No one likes to listen to his or her own voice especially on the Internet where everybody can listen to them. I tried to ignore this feeling…

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Deep Blue Sea

Hello my dear friends,Here is a very nice song called "Deep Blue Sea":and here is my contribution, however, please turn up your volume before listening because for some reason my sound system doesn't work properly and my voice is so low. Record music and voice >>Have Fun, Nafis

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Let's sing together, Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo

Hello my dear friends,That was my first listening in Mad Man, TV Series, I never had heard it before,yes I am mentioning about "Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo" or as original "Zou Bisou Bisou"Let's see if you like it ? :)) If your answer yes, why not join me ?until my better is my best ! :)) video with lyricfrom Mad Manwarm regards,Selma

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