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  • Hello

    If you want to improve your English or prepare yourself for the IELTS exam, I hold an English course via Skype. Add me in Skype, then I will let you know all the information regarding my course.

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  • Thank you for your nice comment on my page Nina . I am most humbled by your magnanimous compliment. I feel pleasurable to give you some information about ISIL.

  • And thanks for sharing your beautiful blogs as well   ^_^

  • Thanks for the gifts dear.


  • Nina, to be honest, my blog about Palestine is originally a comment to your blog.  I've read your blog and I was heartbroken...not by your words but by the reality that you tried to show me and others...that regardless of the many reasons behind Israel and Palestine conflict and all the other conflicts in the world...the fact of the matter is that people are suffering and dying out there while we sit comfortably behind our computers expressing our sentiments.  I wanted to compliment you for writing such a sincere blog but I couldn't for I was torn between the sincerity and the anger written all over it.  Therefore, I decided to remove mine from your blog and just post it separately for I felt that my comments seemed out of place there and perhaps not needed.  I didn't want to cause misunderstanding or to make others think that I was trying to trample on their feelings.  I respect your feelings and of your readers' that I didn't want any of my words offend anyone.   I understand your intention and it'll be hypocritical of me to say that I know how it feels to lose a home or a loved one, or even to sleep at night in fear of not being able to wake up the next morning because of unwelcomed missiles.  The embarrassing truth is...I know nothing at all.  Yet, I chose to express my feelings based on this truth...just like how you and everyone else did based on the piece of truth you hold.  I do not have the right to judge other people's feelings for I know nothing about the pain they go through.  On that same note, I expect others to respect mine.  I only try to write based on my personal conviction...even if for others it seems insensitive of me.  I am not a spokesperson for everyone, I only speak for myself.  I can't answer every question nor dare to make any excuses for all these conflicts.  In fact, I too have a lot of doubts and questions lingering in my mind.

    But I appreciate you and I thank you for the respect you've shown me though I know my opinion seems to differ with yours in other aspects.  One thing I know for sure that we all agree on...we may be coming from different backgrounds and principles, but we just all want the same thing - justice, peace, freedom.  Anyways, I think I learned a valuable lesson here from you and from other members here - when we feel upset because we think other people contradict and don't care to understand us, we just have to look at ourselves and realize that we too are contradicting them and they are most likely upset with us just as much.  And so once we realize this, the question is, "What do we do next?"

    Have a good day, Nina!  Thank you for letting me use your wall.

  • Happy Eid to you and to your family.2389764649?profile=original

  • eidMubarak.jpg

  • Thank you for your nice gift on my page, thank you for accepting my request .You are very kind Nina.2389754126?profile=original

  • Pink Ribbon
  • Nina jan i will do my best but it's not enough, I know! Thanks for ur kindness and hope u and all people enjoy a sweet life as ur sweet words, good luck Habibi!
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