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  • HI!

    I was happy to read your comment. :)

    I guess the spring arrived to Japan much faster than to Europe this year. Seems like the winter was strong and didn't sway when the spring push the door. Or maybe the spring just don't have enough strength.

    Anyways, it looks like that spring is just arriving here now. It gets warmer each day. And half of snow is already gone. But there may still snow more. The forecast said, that there may be sleet and rain.

    They say that this year is colder than usual in here.. that summer also may delay and be colder. Maybe the spring likes in Japan so much, that it stays there... It seems like it was raining in Osaka. The street on your photo seems wet. That wheel is really big.

    There are some plans to build an observation wheel also to my town too, but.. it probably won't happen in near future. There would not be enough visitors. It's too small town and not so many tourists.


  • Hi. How are you doing?

    I'm doing okay. It's still winter here, but it's okay now, because today was very nice winter day. Sunny, about -2C cold and no wind at all. Usually February is windy. It's the month of wind, but this year it haven't been that bad.

    I was able to go to bicycle today. The roads were nice. Only in town it was a bit tight on some streets because parking cars and accumulated snow. But out side down, it was better than at summer. Because the edges of bigger roads were cleaned, and there was hard smooth hard packed snow or ice.. so I could use the whole.. something 2 meters of road edge. At summer there would be grass and debris and holes and so on...

    Also this gravel road were good for cycle.. There was no cars. I could play with my camera and take photos while cycling.. :P


  • Hi thanks for the nice long message. ^_^

    I've seen many kotatsus in animes. I think it must be really comfortable. Yet, siting on floor doesn't seem too comfortable to a westerner like me. I know they usually use kotatsu on Japanese style rooms that have dadami mats.. and in anime they sit also on billows and all but... don't know. It's a bit difficult to imagine for me. ^_^

    Thanks for the pictures and telling about your life.. :)

    Here's still same.. seems like it will snow more and. I'm not so happy about it. I tried bicycling yesterday again, but.. I think I need to learn more techniques about cycling in snow.. I'll probably check youtube videos later. I'm sure they have some videos that will give advices how to do it right.


  • Hi, Metaltoy. I suppose the End of year will be a busy time for all Japanese. So I think it's the right time for me to post you something.. before it gets too busy for you. :)

    Actually, I don't have much to say, so I better just post you a photo I took today.


    I took it when walking just for walking to exercise the body a little and to be slim. They did build a pedestrian/bicycle road along of the road leading out from town.. It run about 3 or 4 kilometers along the road before emerges with general road. So I sometime go to walk there.. I saw some deers foot prints in snow crossing the road, but didn't see deers..

    I were checking how well they have cleaned the snow away from that road. To see whether I can use it for bicycling. They had cleaned it, but it's snowing almost every day. So, I'm not sure I will go cycling soon. I tried at Sunday. Then I used main roads that were cleaner. It was very hard. There was loose snow, melted with salt.. so my spike tires did not have much effect. The rear tire was slipping a lot. The stomach started to hurt... I think keeping balance on that half packed lose snow, did add too much stress to stomach muscles..

    ....About the photo. It's not the sun set that keeps sky so lid. There are greenhouses in there. They produce so much light, that they keep the area lid all nights too. My older brother said, that he sometime bicycles in a forest that is about 4 km away from there, at other side of river. And that even in there - it doesn't get really dark at night on road at forest... He think it's the light from greenhouses.. Mostly, they grow cucumbers in there.


    I still got a pretty long post, even though didn't had a topic.. oh well, it's not that long to make it annoying to read. I think..

    Before I get some more ideas to talk. I say: Bye-bye have nice time.

    See you that other time when I see you. ^_^

  • Thank's for the comment..

    I suppose older tractors are better. The new ones probably not so good. They will likely not last so many years. They are full of electronic, fully automated... It can't be helped. They have to make all tractors easy to use, and adjustable for any size and age of operator. Then the parents can do the horrible annoying office work of farm, while kids take care of all the field work. lol :D


  • Your dad's tractor is nice, but it seems small. Maybe it have right size for growing rice.. I don't know.

    Here they use small tractors only for gardening, I think.

    They sell some of small Japanese tractors here in Estonia too. But don't know, whether they sell Iseki. I know there's a store, that have Yanmar and some Chinese brand somewhere.. but Iseki - I don't know.. Maybe used tractors store have Iseki.

    Well, not for everyone is farming suitable.. I was always very interested of tractors. And I still am. I sometime miss it.. Then on those times, I browse youtube videos to check out various tractors. Actually, I hadn't searched Iseki tractors before. It was not familiar brand to me.. So after I saw the video, at yesterday evening. I could not to go to seep on right time. I had to research Iseki tractors in youtube until late night. :D

    ....Don't worry about responding with delay... No need to hurry. I will come to post something again, when I notice that u have been absent for too long time.. In order to make sure, that u would not forget this site. lol ;)


  • Hi, metaltoy. I haven't seen you around. Busy?

    Do you like tractors? I used to have a tractor like this one in this youtube video. Except mine didn't have hay cutter, nor front loader attachment thing.. it was very incomplete.. but it was still working. Although we had a lot of trouble keeping it running..

    What kind of tractor does your dad have for farming? Does he have one?

    Here we had first snow sometime ago. But now it's warm and sunny again... Something 4C warmth....

    They said that many farmers who grow potatoes were in big trouble this year. Because the autumn was rainy, all their tractors and potatoes combine-harvester sunk to mud.. They had to leave potatoes inside ground to rot. T_T


  • "Inazuma eleven" and "Captain Tsubasa" are both familiar names to me, but I haven't watched much.

    You actually sound like a Linux professional.. I had to think and check things up from google, to understand all the technical talk.. :D

    Although, I use linux os every day. I really rarely need to interfere anything manually. So I forget everything so quick. When some program stop working, after some update. I just wait for next update, by hoping that they fix the problem.. Only when I stupidly destroyed the Kernel's clib library, with a full system update this summer. I needed to chroot from rescue cd to fix it...  ^_^

    Yes, I got the lubuntu installed. In my case the problem was solved by downloading different cd that had text mode install script on it. I initially had downloaded only live cd.. Lubuntu can't be installed from live cd to a computer that have less than 720Mb ram. The alternate cd have text mode install script. The live cd have graphical.

    On my own pc, I use Arch linux not ubuntu.

    Anyways, I got it installed and almost everything is now working as I want. I needed to add some more localization things from Estobuntu's repository to get it fully localized to Estonian language. Also Installed Libreoffice, since Abiword that it had for word processing, seems not working too great. The mouse cursor disappeared when moved over it's tool bar. I know, that that would be big problem to my dad..

    So, in general I can say it was success.. yet, I will dune it little more before finishing. He's not in hurry. He can use own laptop until then. ^_^

  • It's great that u can play soccer.. Even if it's just only against your ten years old son. :D I think soccer is too difficult. It requires too much brain work, team work and also physical capabilities.. Also stamina and good coordinations too. I fail in all of those, therefore hearing that his team lost only 15 - 0. Might sound like his team's big success to me.... Although I can't understand, how the other team could be so good at such difficult game. :P

    Actually I knew so few about soccer until recently. Now I have seen some anime about soccer and learned from it. From anime I have got know, that there are different positions. Like strikers and defenders and.. something middle fielders, I think.. It seems too complicated. The latest soccer anime I saw, was "Ginga e Kick off" (銀河へキックオフ!!).

    Today I spent half of day trying to install "Lubuntu" Linux to my dad's desktop computer. Didn't succeed yet. His computer is over 10 years old and had a old windows 2000 operating system. Although the computer it self is still good enough. The newer anti virus software, didn't work on old windows. Most of new software won't work. So it got infected by a virus.. Now it seems like the only choice is to install some light weight linux os... :)
    It seems like it's not so easy, because the computer have too few RAM memory.. but tomorrow I try again. I won't give up yet. ^_^

  • Hi. Thanks for the reply.

    If u don't know how the harvest was, then it must mean that it was pretty usual harvest. ^_^

    I suppose, here the harvest is not unusual too. Certainly, it's not worth for news.. But, the local news reporter probably needed more different news material to talk. Otherwise people get sick from all the politics. :)

    Currently the news talk about doctor's strike alot. The doctors now only treat emergency cases, and some unavoidable things and something, because they strike.. But they will get more serious with the strike in next week. They strike because they are overloaded with work. Too many doctors and nurses have moved to work in neighbor countries. To Finland and Sweden. Now the ones who are left. Want some measures.. they want better salary and different -better conditions.. or something.

    ..I would have liked to go to bicycling today, for exercise. But the wind was strong and it was raining whole day. I got totally soaked when went nearby hypermarket a little. It's really autumn now. The maple trees are totally yellow.. the street beside them was all covered with the leaves.. It was only something 12C warmth today..


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