It was love

It was love

The birds are still in the trees.

In the spring of love, we used to  sing

 We talked privately and watched the birds

 flying from one branch to the other,

Suddenly, yesterday was lost from us,

 and there was sorrow in the heart.

We flew together in a sky dream.

We squeezed the intoxication of love

But we were still thirty

It was love,

Don't ask or blame us

Paradise was only a step but

It was lost and then yesterday

 was lost  from us

It was love.

Don't ask or blame us.


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  •       Wooow, what such a poem my friend!!!!  The truth wich rooted in our selves strongly is; that life without love like lip without smile, flowers without color, words without meanings, times without joy, clouds without rain and sky without stars. 

    God bless you my friend.

  • The  poem  has  good nostalgic meaning  ..most probably  one of them or  both  took their lives away on the  doubted  belief  that  their  love  will be Eternal in the after life..




  • Beautifully written. Very touchy.

    • Bahut bahut shukrya Mr. Mishaikh sahib! I am sorry for the late reply. I hope twenty twenty is bringing happiness and joy for us. Thanks for your nice comment.

  • Wa ana bihal hal ya Chaima Houimli!  I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks for your nice words.

  • okay....i am not going to blame

  • It's beautiful i really enjoyed the first part 


  • Yaganiyalli Hamza Haij Albagidi! I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks for pressing the like button. 

  • Bahut bahut shukriya SNR!  I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks for pressing the like button.

    • Dara Gino,

      It's been 5 years on this platform now. You still asking me to be ur friend? LOL

      You are already in my friend list. M glad to be one of ur friends. 


      thanks for sharing this beautiful poem.

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