Learning silly fun stuff.

Aloha there.

I just came across a cool site that shares fun facts with animated-illustrated gifs (NotAClue, I know you're gonna love this so much) and I thought this could be a nice EC blog material :P

So... let's learn some useless fun stuff!!


I bet some politicians too! :P


I'm sure it was medicine-to-kill... This also proves my point that ketchup can't be good... it tastes as gross as medicine :P


And here I just found the perfect excuse for not to cook! XD


What a surprise... people making up stuff that it wasn't even written in the holy scripts :P
(I already knew this one btw)


Guys with height complexes :P 


I've always liked crows... Now I know why :D


Poor them :(


Hell yeah! :P

Let's kill ourselves in an endless tea party! XD


Can't blame the Moon... I'd like to do the same :P


Woah! And I can't even be fluent in one! XD




"Learn Something Every Day" are doodled facts created by illustration and animation studio Young.


Hope you like it,

Feel free to share any other fun fact you know!


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  • I will share 10 facts...
    1.- You change your voice when you talk to someone you like.
    2.- You can't wash your eyes with soap.
    3.- You can't breath through your nose with your tongue out.
    4.- You've just tried number 3.
    6.- When you did number three you realised you can but you look like a dog.
    7.- You're smiling now because I fooled you.
    8.- You've skipped number 5.
    9.- You've just checked if there's no. five :D
    10.- And the most shocking to me, owning cats reduces cardiovascular disease. (so we could say... one cat a day keeps the doctor away)

    • 1- Uhm, interesting

      2- Yes you can... but is gonna hurt as hell :P

      3- ha-ha funny ¬¬

      10- Yes, I knew that. Cats are awesome :3


  • I didn't know that



    • Yeah, beware of angry Peanuts!


  • A Nice work , just occupies a large page...!

    • Oh, excuse me if it is a very hard work to have to... scroll down. Sigh ¬¬


  • Stop the world! I want to get off. 

    • Oh yeah, agree.

      Btw, that's a Groucho Marx's quote, right?
      But I remember to have read it for the first time from Mafalda. Needless to say that lil girl was a huge influence/inspiration in my childhood :P



  • A-cockroach-can-live-for-a-week-without-a-head.gif?format=500w&profile=RESIZE_710x


    Oh, really? I'd like to test that on a certain cockroach. Muahaha! :-DDDD


    • oh no ... dont encourage mary do the same NotAClue..

      i am sure this will give me a nightmare.. 

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