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Learning silly fun stuff.

Aloha there.

I just came across a cool site that shares fun facts with animated-illustrated gifs (NotAClue, I know you're gonna love this so much) and I thought this could be a nice EC blog material :P

So... let's learn some useless fun stuff!!


I bet some politicians too! :P


I'm sure it was medicine-to-kill... This also proves my point that ketchup can't be good... it tastes as gross as medicine :P


And here I just found the perfect excuse for not to cook! XD


What a surprise... people making up stuff t

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What means to you....



Wouldn't be cool if we could write our own dictionary?
Think no further! Here I give you the chance! :P 

Share your own definition of the following words:

- People: 

- Friend: 

- Home: 

- Life: 

- Death: 

...and/or any other word you want. 


Here I share mine:

- People: The reason I like alcohol.

- Friend: Someone with whom you share your same mental disorder and obsessions.

- Home: The place where I can dress like a bum.

- Life: A wonderful trip that is gonna make you sick as hell and you'll puke like a

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