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Hello everybody,

Today, I usually use this way to learn new vocabulary, so I am going to share it with you.

I know my method which has mistakes. If you have a better way to learn vocabulary, please comment below.

But if you like this way, let's share your story!


My method has three steps:

Step 1: 

- I looked up the new words on Cambridge dictionary ( note: I used English in Dictionary by Engish to English)

Step 2:

- I wrote all the meanings of new words accompanied by their examples in a notebook which

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“Try to do” or “try doing”?


Do you know when you have to use 'try to do something' or 'try doing something'?
There is a slight difference in meaning between both.


When we try to do something, we attempt something difficult or even impossible, and although we have done the best we could, we probably fail. It's also used when we spak about to attempt or to make an effort.

She tried to win the Gold Med

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Using the verb "Stop"

Stop + -ing form or stop to-infinitive. How we have to use that verb?

Using the verb "stop" in the form stop + -ing (gerund) or stop to-infinitive, both of the verbs "stop" takes on a different meaning. 



Using "stop" + -ing form (gerund), means that action ends and will not continue. There is no causal relationship between the two verbs

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