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Hello everybody,

Today, I usually use this way to learn new vocabulary, so I am going to share it with you.

I know my method which has mistakes. If you have a better way to learn vocabulary, please comment below.

But if you like this way, let's share your story!


My method has three steps:

Step 1: 

- I looked up the new words on Cambridge dictionary ( note: I used English in Dictionary by Engish to English)

Step 2:

- I wrote all the meanings of new words accompanied by their examples in a notebook which

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How to learn new English words every day

Nobody likes that feeling of not being able to remember foreign words. Lucky for you, English language is everywhere around us and it is very easy and fun to improve your vocabulary. If you are enthusiastic enough and you don't give up so easily, you will be fluent in English in no time. Here are some tips how to learn new English word every day.

Speak with natives

This is probably the best way to improve your English knowledge. If you are not able to travel and live abroad, go ahead and hire a na

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