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Good morning, everyone! ^_^

If you are enthusiastic in visiting MyEC today, it means you are curious about MyEC today, aren't you?

That's the grammar that we will revise today. It's about Tag Questions. I was about to write the resume from my book, but EC already has it. The complete one. 8)


Feel free to write any dialogue or interview on a blog using tag questions and then you can post it on MyEC, with the title "Dialogue Challenge: Using Tag Qu

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Mulberry… So Very!

Health is really wealth. When you want to stay fit and fab, having a healthy lifestyle should be a must. One of the ways to living well is by drinking tea (as part of your daily regimen).

Introducing… Mulberry!


Mulberry, you say? It is a tree (Morus nigra) that produces tiny black fruit. Its leaves can be used as herbal tea. Mulberry is considered a superfood by many experts, and it’s been proven effective to controlling the blood sugar levels in the body. It contains anti-oxidant that curbs free

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Love is a wonderful thing like life.
Anyone who Leaves someone who loves will get revenge.
Love can not be forcibly acquired.
love is an awesome feeling when we understand it.
If love's happiness is not with us. Love has right to go if we didn't feel it's happiness. Love is happy when being with other love. We want to change as love likes. otherwise love will leave us. we must be able to look at it. If love did lie, someday will understand she's/he's truly heart, love will regret it. Then love w

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An apple 2

When he came out the young man told him that he would work as a farmer for him without any fare until he forgives him. Thoughtfully, the owner of the orchard said, "I will forgive you on one condition that you marry my daughter, but she is blind, deaf, and mute, and she is also unable to walk." He finished by saying, "if you agree, I will forgive you." 

Then the young man said, "I accept to marry your daughter."  

The time for his marriage came and the young man came sadly with faltering footsteps

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Have we gone from tragedy to drama to satire to farce?

Or have we come full circle?

Downfall (Hitler)

The Darkest Hour (Churchill)

The Death of Stalin (Stalin)

41 Times Alec Baldwin Absolutely Nailed Trump (Trump)

Do we even know the difference?

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One day, I opened my eyes and was surprised, even shocked. How could everything be so dark, total black, the darkest black, without color, not even a single dot of light. I tried to sit on my bed. My heart was full of anxiety and confusion.... "I still can't believe this. Am I blind now?". My two hands were shivering and still holding the blanket. I was sure that that was not a dream.

"Nooo!! Is this a warning? Or is this a punishment? What is a big fault that I have ever done? This is really unc

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        A lot of people tell me that I'm so quiet. A lot of people also perceive me as lonely, negative or not so quite interesting to talk to.

        It is also what I describe myself, silent. Silence is my friend. I like being quiet because that's the time I hear the true sounds of everything around me. The trees are boosting their magnificence. The flowers beside the road are conveying their ethereal beauty. The cool wind that gently hugging me.

        Silence is my friend because to some deg

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I never expected that you ended our friendship without saying a single word if you say just bye before ended the contact the pain of loss would be bearable for me but you wouldn't bother even to say that. The feeling of  pain of loosing you can't be express in words if I try to express this feeling in words it's be like you have a good friend and he was dead and you  haven't know where his or her dead body is nor you know his grave where you go and cry.....

I have to know your opinion regarding

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English has many expressions. We should know the meaning when natives us them.
I will use expressions with 'tongue' while telling a short story.

Here you go:

Sam is sitting on the bench next to the house door when Helen, his wife, comes home.

Helen: "Hello Sam, what are you doing here, outside of the house?"

Sam doesn't answer.

Helen: "Hey, did the cat get your tongue?"

Sam still doesn't react.

Helen: " Don't you understand me? I thought English is your mother tongue, or do I speak in tongues?"

Sam is st

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Friendship is a word that people often use, and often even they use it thoughtlessly. Especially in the virtual media.
We get friendship requests from people, we hardly ever know.
The word friendship got a new meaning during the last years.

I always struggle to call it friendship when I just met someone.

Sincere friendship needs patience and time for growing.

A real friendship is precious. Often, we have a wide circle of acquaintances, but only a few people are in our close circle of friends.

So I w

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Silence means absence of sound (any voice), but is there silence actually?  No there is always sound all around us, sometimes it is beyond our hearing power.  There is a phrase “broken heart”, we say my heart is broken. Is there anyone who can say he has heard the shattering of heart? No, but it still breaks.  There is silence for you, but I was hearing all the shattering of a broken to pieces of heart.  This is not ridiculous, ask a poet, a love-failure.  There is another phrase, “promis

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Hello everyone, on this amazing learning platform, MyEC. :)

Here is another new writing challenge in the year of 2019. As you see in the title, "How I Describe ....." will be the main topic. Your task is to describe an abstract noun. Click the following link to read my first entry.

How I describe success

In your writing, you are free to make paragraphs, a dialogue, a story, or even a poem. How to participate??

  1. Write a blog with the title "Writing Challenge: How I describe [your word]". Example: "Wri
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It is a general fact, everyone in the world is somehow thirsty of respect or value what in other words we call recognition, but very less of us try to be a person of true importance or value.

Before going to the very depth of the quotation, one needs to deeply understand the meaning of "recognition" and of-course!  "Not to be Recognized" In some circumstances by the people around whom we work, play, speak or sometimes live.

According to the Dictionary, as per the quote; Recognition is the  respect

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Flooding Tears

Flooding tears took my heart

Passages of thorns are hard to cross

Airports of goodbye stirred white

Your sky is singing and the areas of sorrow

in our eyes exploded to take 

the rest of that feeling

We sang for you and we will sing.

The flooding tears covered the world

The return of love became a wish

In the coming season, visions will clash 

We often blame the presence and  

We do not regret the past

Your love was put inside and

The day committed suicide

We sang for you and we will sing


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Hello there,

It's said that life is the best teacher that gives great lessons and repeats them until they're learned well. Last year was THE YEAR OF CHANGES for me, mostly to better. One of the positive changes and great lessons was making up my mind that  ''Happiness is momentary, a moment seems like nothing, and yet, life is still beautiful if every moment is everything to you''.

So, lets appreciate every single moment, worry less, smile more and be happier :). 

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The Great statement written above there is Quoted from Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Who is an Austrian-American actor, filmmaker, businessman, investor, author, philanthropist, activist, politician, and former professional bodybuilder. He served two terms as the 38th Governor of California from 2003 to 2011.

Going a little bit through his practical, personal, professional and political life, one can easily understand the entire theme of his words given above. Truly he was a real personality with al

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2018 was a great year to me. Many things happened as changes in my life. Not all of them were good. But somehow there is a great lesson to me.

The big thing was when I changed my phone number due to the broken sim card, my friends thought that I wanted to vanish from their world. lol. [please leave it, it isn't the main thing :D]. This is how I know who the real friend is. In friendship, I always say "do not make a gap among friends". Yes, why? When you have only two friends and both suddenly bet

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Okay, first I would like to say I really liked Onee's this challenge. So, let's  see who was (still who is) my best companion in 2018.

Believe me it is MyEc ( My English club)! Yes, MyEc was my best companion in 2018. I came here now and then when I felt to come and of course, when I had some free time. I read blogs here, wrote some blogs too. I did chat, I have got some great friends who were  so supportive to me. I got chance to know about different cultures, life style, even got information ab

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Writing Challenge: Best Thing in 2018

Hi everyone! :)

New Year of 2019 is near. What are your wishes?? How did you feel along the year of 2018?

Do you have any memorable moment in 2018? What is your best accomplishment in 2018? Do you have great concern with something in 2018? Who is your best companion/ college/ friend in 2018? What about your best movie, book, or idea, great lesson or change?

Would you write about it as last challenge in MyEC in 2018? No need to worry. You don't need to write about all things, not even details. Just

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Tonight is like yesterday. I remember I wrote my article about 2018. It was entitled (Proactive Approach). I was always optimistic about the New Year. Meaning to say, it would be better than the previous one. For nineteen twenty or rather twenty nineteen, politically, I can imagine that many political settlements are underway.

The battle against terrorism is doing well. Some hot spots are cooling down. Some previous years started with a fire, an earthquake, or some other disasters. They were

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