Writing Challenge: A News Report

Hi bloggers and everyone who likes writing. :)

I’m sure all of you know what passive voice is. Passive voice can change the focus of interest by placing the object at the beginning of the sentence. Subjects are often omitted in the sentence as they are usually unimportant, unknown, or obvious.

Passive voice is commonly used in news report. Hence, for practicing the passive, I challenge you to write a news report. :)

Here is your task:

1.  Choose a topic of your interest, then make a title of your news report. 
Here are suggestions (topic and title) I can make for you. You are FREE to use your own topic and title.

  1. Bank/shop robbery: “A Bank was Robbed, Two Bankers Died
  2. Mysterious death: “A Body Found in the River
  3. Natural disaster: “A 3m-wave killed A Woman
  4. Reconstruction of the building: “Villagers Urged the Government to Build a New Bridge
  5. Mafia boss arrest: “Mafia Boss Arrested at the Swimming Pool
  6. Shameful defeat: “Ronildo Shed Tears after Two Stolen Goals
  7. Careless death: “A Man Died After Playing Online Game for Two Days Non-stop
  8. Members of MyEC: "....................................."

I don't know why I only wrote bad news. :D I believe in your creativity. ^^

2.  Write your news report on blog section with the title "Writing Challenge: A News Report". Use passive voice in some of your sentences and please write them in bold.

3.  You can be either serious or humorous in your writing. But, avoid writing the real name of famous people/places/brands or include the source if you rewrite an actual news.

4.  The news report must be 10-20 lines in some paragraphs.


Your news report should be the answers of 5W+1H questions.

Just write a news report, reread and choose which sentences to change into passive..

Well, to dear learners, you may make mistakes in your writings and expect some corrections. Just give correction tag on your blog IF you wish to be corrected. I’ll try to correct them BUT only in my capabilities. Phrasal Verb, idioms, and words are my weakness :D, so let’s request some other advanced or fluent teachers or Native English (Expector, Teacher Dan and Tanya, Paula, Rysperski, and some others, or even Josef Sir? ) for help. :) :d 8)

I hope I get corrections as well :D or at least they participate, too. ^_^

Passive Voice examples are available here just for you to remember.

I’m looking forward to your participation. Hope it will not make you dizzy. ^^

Have a lovely November!


Here the entries:

1. A 50cm-wave Killed 10 People by Onee

2. Brutal Attack Reported on EC Main Chatroom by Luci

3. Breaking News! by Elen

4. Weather Forecast by Mishaikh

5. Unknown Anti-Hero by Roman

6. The Breaking News by Tanya 

7. Funny News Report by Danny

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  • Dear Onee, here is my investment. 


    Unfortunately, I didn't manage to use much passive voice as I want my reportage to sound natural. Sorry!

    Onee's Writing Challange: The Breaking EC News
    Hi, ladies and gentlemen! Here is the breaking news on our EC channel! Stay with us! After returning to EC megalopolis, one of our favorite teachers…
  • Teacher Tanya,

    Changed as suggested. :)) Thank you so much. ^^

    Of course we'd like to hear your humorous EC news. We can't help reading it soon. :)) So many thanks in advance. ^^

    Roman, thanks a lot for your notification. :) 

  • This is my blog http://www.myenglishclub.com/profiles/blogs/writing-challenge-a-new...

    Writing Challenge: A News Report: Unknown anti-hero
    MEGAEC City had been covered by a huge wave of atrocities this weekend. Many dead discussions were dug from the discussion cemetery. Many people were…
  • Dear Onee, it is a very good idea as we often see people mix up voices. I have attentively read the body of the blog and there is nothing to correct. However, if I were you, I would demonstrate the passive voice like this:

    Active : She swept the floor.

    Passive: The floor was swept by her.

    I hope you don't mind if we write some humorous EC news on the weekend. LOL!

  • Teacher Dara,

    That would be great if you write for us to learn Passive. :) Looking forward to reading it.

    Take your time and thank you so much. ^^

  • Satu menit, mod. Onee, I shall try to write that challenge after I finish the afternoon lecture. You and Evangelina, Mr. Mishaikh are giving some pushing to our club. The club is gaining momentum by those challenges of yours. Thank you.

  • AG,

    Yeah, I think so. :D Ahh, I believe you can do, please don't be lazy. :p Thank you for liking this challenge. ^^


    Okay, not too long. LOL.... Still it was a tragedy. :D Thanks a lot for liking this challenge. ^^

  • Roman,

    Thanks a lot. I know you will. ^^

    Mishaikh, LOL....

    I really love your comment. Your comment is loved by me. LOL.....

    C'mon.... You just need to make a news report. How about a news report with the theme of 'LOVE', this is my personal challenge to you. I know you're expert in this matter. :))))))

    Waiting your response. ^^

  • Rys Sir,

    Thank you for reading and commenting. Hope you participate, too. ^^


    I'm looking forward to reading your brilliant idea. Take your time and have fun with this! ^^

  • Elen,

    What a quick response! Willingness kill the difficulties, right? :)) Thanks for comment and like. ^^

    MARY,,, LOL....

    Thank you for liking Passive challenge. lol... I know that grammar hates you, (lol) but C'mon... I believe you have crazy ideas in this field, news report. Just have fun with Passive. :))) ^^

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