Sometimes, people get their creativity due to their grief. When they were happy, they lost it. This happen to most people, I guess.

Some people, otherwise, lost their creativity when they are in grief. But, they get it back when they feel comfortable.


For example:

A well-known song was created by a musician who had just lost his dearest.

A painter could express his happiness in their awesome painting.

At other times, they lost their creativity, and they should try so hard to make at least the same.


The principal question is, "How to get our creativity back?"

Have a walk?

Talk to people?


Just imagine? or



Any oponions, comments, corrections, or just saying hello are welcome. :D

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  •        Allow me to speak for myself; When I have a true willing to free my mind and my soul from all negative thoughts and obstacles which stubbornly stand in my way as a huge rock  such as; my  sadness, my tiredness, my illness and etc. …. And say loudly to them “get out of my life, I am the only thinker in my mind. I stay in the now and enjoy each and every moment”. Then my friend, I can get back my creativity. I can assure you. God bless you.

  • Hello all, :D

    To be honest...ALL my gadgets betray me (LoL) so it's hard for me to connect with you now.

    I will be back to talk a lot with you, ASAP. ;)

  • Find it back where you lost it

  • Hm...nice question, Onee...What to say here...I can judge only from my point of view. Each situation has individual approaches. And I cannot even say what it depends on. Sometimes mood...sometimes place or people around...I cannot say that I am more creative when I am in a good or bad mood...when I am happy or not...I am either creative at the moment or not. As simple as it is.

    Yes, once in a while strong emotions may push me into extreme happiness, love, sorrow, grief...But such strong emotions do not happen every single day, otherwise, I would be emotionally burned out.

    How to get creativity back?...All your approaches can be useful. I mean in daily life.

    As for most of the time we just do not have an option either create or not. Like, for example...I 'll need to invent something for tomorrow's speech...and I have neither wish nor ideas what to speak about...but...I have no choice. So...I will have to sit and force myself..and I am sure the inspiration will come during the process...hhh. So....this is my answer....One who wants...will find a way. Our needs determine the ways. 

    Thanks for the discussion, Onee. Have a great week.

  • Once I read on a mailonline article that some great persons, most of them are writer perhaps, had a habit of taking a long walk. I searched the article later but couldn't trace it.

  • Thank you for sharing, interesting topic. I do't know what can bring creativity back, I guess  if it's meant to be creative I guess anything you mention may do it,  perhaps I should add  connecting to surroundings, to oneself, and loving,  as much as  a heart could do who knows what might  help, we are all sdfferent.. 

  • Saya tidak tahu, mod. Onee Chan, tetapi this reminds me of my discussion (why do we cry when we are happy? It is an emotional thing, answered by the great blogger, Mr. Mishaikh. In my opinion and according to that answer, creativity can be made from how we do things.  Out of milk, we can make butter, yogurt, cheese, ...etc.   The similarity might be far from your question, but from the womb of suffering, hope is created as they say. Thanks, mod. Onee for sharing an interesting topic. 

  • Hello! :P Gosh, I'm so creative today. XD

    • Totally agree, especialy wid dat tag "no chit  chat" to a chatroom member nick..... XXL-XD


    • Muhahaha! Rys, come on... don't be so mean to little NotAClue! I'm working hard on my social skills... although without any success lately. :P

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