Badge on Your Profile Picture

Hello everyone on MyEC,

You must know that we have badge on our profile. Have you ever thought what that mean?

The following is as Mr. Josef explained.

The "badges" reflect member activity + length of membership.

Activity includes posting of content such as:

  • blog posts
  • photos
  • videos
  • comments/replies
  • discussion topics
  • discussion replies

From lowest to highest, badges are:

  • FLAG

So, by this explanation, are you saisfied or something? *KIDDING.

This is all I can inform you. Thank you for your time reading.

Keep your fingers crossed! Keep posting! :)

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  • Thank you for the explanation. When I saw that my pic had got redflag. I was sure that it was a punishment. Or just to mark missifits, or something.. so that the moderators and maybe other members could know to keep eye on me and report, if I behave badly. :D

    Then it was changed to crown. I could breathe easier. They won't superwise me anymore. I can again start to try to stretch the borders. :D

    • Hello Hardi,

      Most welcome. Thanks for your comment as well. It's nice to see you again.

      Oh my God. Now I know that everyone got it wrong. 😅

      Go ahead, stretch the border please.. 😎

  • I was surprised when I went from NO BADGE to RED FLAG. So I asked someone what that meant. And he told me , "It is a label for a dangerous member." And I was like, "What, seriously??"  Oh, what crime I had committed.

    Btw, thanks Onee for information above. Have a nice day there!

    • Really?  How disrespectful member, you should have reported  him😁

    • No, I can't report this respectable member with a sense of humour like him. It seems you do not remember who he is 😂. Have a wonderful weekend there ! :D

    • Hello, Peony.

      Nice story. Lol. Have a nice day! 

    • And now you have a crown so you are now a Queen or a Princess?


    • Oh Tim, what crossed my mind first time I got the crown was : omg, my profile is on fire 😂. We need a better design for the crown. Queen or Princess? Let me sleep on it.

    • Fire!   Pointer Sisters?  or Jimi Hendrix?  Or maybe the Boss - Bruce Springsteen? :)

    • Tim, I will go for Alicia Keys ! :D

This reply was deleted.