My dear friends! Being a professional teacher of English grammar, I decided to start this group to help you improve your knowledge of the subject. Many members asked me to do it and I do feel like that! So, I am planning to start a few discussions where you will be able to ask me questions or to have some practice. I'd also like to involve my husband, a native speaker, who is supposed to be helpful. So, how do you feel about such a group?

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  • Hello Tanya, how nice to see your name in this group as a teacher.
    I am glad. I hope that group works well. You may remember me or may not. It has been a long time since we met.
    Greetings all members, love
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  • Hello friend
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  • dear all, i have master in law. any one wants to practice speaking, feel free to add me: live:.cid.cf32e22429a8b839
  • Hi everyone, i want to improve my english skills .my skype id is live:krushnavardhan2
  • hello i want to improve my grammar
  • hello i want to improve my grammar
  • Hi! I would like to improve my English Grammar. Thanks.
  • I just want to learn English Grammar.
  • Hello dear teachers.

    It would be very kind of you if you fixed the text below and gave a feadback on it.
    I live in a single-storey detached traditional-pamiri house in a village. There is no apartment building ‎whatsoever in the village. Two and three-storey buildings have been built recently there. The old ‎houses are usually terraced or semi-detached. The modern ones are usually detached and have ‎courtyards. ‎
    As I live in the very remote area of central Asia and due to earthquake, it is impossible to build high-‎rises in this area. Even in the towns the highest building is six-storey. The emergence of multi-storey ‎buildings in the towns has had a huge impact on the life of the people of the region. The dwellers of ‎the majority of the apartment buildings are those who are living in these towns temporarily as ‎students, workers, etc. The majority of the permanent citizens have their traditional houses. In ‎addition, some of the temporary citizens sometimes live in converted studio apartments. Duplez ‎apartments are not too common in these towns. In addition, the suburbs of these towns are the same ‎as villages.‎
    As I mentioned above I live in a traditional house and it has a living room with lots of part, a kitchen ‎several bedrooms and a courtyard. We usually use our living room for many traditional events. ‎
    In these traditional houses, the living room is spacious. It houses more the 50 people! It has a ‎traditional hole in the ceiling, which also serves as a source of light. This hole also serves for keeping ‎the room cool in the summer and preventing the room from getting stuffy. This hole can be adjust in ‎accordance with the season so this room is not drafty. I do not think these traditional houses can be ‎cramped. Because if we shrink it, it will not be able to house the same amount of people and in this ‎case we cannot consider it traditional. ‎
    The feature that I like the most about my house is the neighborhood. It is surrounded by nature. ‎However, it is quiet it is trendy. There are also many nomadic people in the middle of nowhere in ‎central Asia. But their housing differs from one another very much. ‎
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Is "Teacher of school" correct OR " School Teacher"?

Greetings to all my dear teachers on English Club,First, are following sentences correct, please?1. My job is  teacher of school in Tehran.2. My job is school teacher in Tehran.  Second, I have a doubt about this subject that " Teacher of school" is correct or "School teacher" or both?Thanks in advance and best wishes,Bijan

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6 Replies · Reply by Bijan Dec 2, 2019