Not the Better

A dialog between a man and his friend.

A man: Please fix my smartphone, the screen is blurred.

His friend: Let me see. [checking for some time]

You should buy a new screen. That's the only solution.

A man: OK, my friend, I believe in you. 

His friend: By the way, where is the smartphone you bought from me last month? That is better.

A man: It's on my wife.

His friend: I see. But I remember you had an excellent smartphone with higher RAM.  Where is it now?

A man: It's also on my wife.

His friend: Oh, I see. We have the same fate.

A man: What do you mean?

His friend: Our wives have excellent smartphones. A husband just has not the better.



Thanks for reading. )))

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  • So the trick is to get married if you want a better phone?? 
    I'm not sure whether that's worth it... :-DD
    ...and Estanis is already taken! ;-)

    • 😳

    • Hello Nanny,

      Happy to see you again. Lol, not always.

      When I was single, I even bought the better phone. 😁

      Thank you for your visit. 

  • Let me check which one is better, mine or his!

    • Hello bet,

      Make sure that you'll join us. 😂

      Thanks for your comment.

  • I don't get as to  how their wives have better smartphone. Are they both working women or house wives?  

    It makes me smiles. 

    • Hello Persona,

      It can be one or both conditions. Whether they are housewives or working women, it mostly happens as it is. 😇

      Thanks for your comment. 

    • If the husbands aren't able to purchase a better smartphone for themselves, who bought the wives better smartphone? 🤔🤔 It need proper investigation 😇

    • Hello, Persona.

      Go ahead! Please do investigate... 😁

  • That makes me smile... I know I'm not the only one! I join their fate 😪

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