This group has been created to serve Islam & to show the world the correct message & the pure meaning of *Islam*.

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  • Eid Mubarak

    to everyone! ^_^

  • Ameen
  • Ramdan mubarak for all members in this group ,Ihope this blessing month  

    Give us great powerful to change  our behaviors our thoughts our customs to 

    The best.

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  • Ramdan kareem to everyone here

  • To you too onee and all the others.
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We know that God is just, and that His judgement is just.I'd like understand a thing:If God is just and His judgement is just, then: How can God set free a man of the hell if this man is a sinner? How can God allow a person enter in the paradise if He committedmany sins?the law says that a thief must have his hand cut off for his crime that this  man did against another man.We know that all sin is against God, then if man must be condemned because of his crime that hecommitted against a man,…

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Thank you add me here.Since we are in commom purppose about the main goal this group:"To show the world the correct message & the pure meaning of *Islam*."Although I am not Muslim, I'd like to know better off about Islam. I guess morecorrect to search answers among people that live this religion. inasmuch as the Quaranand Hadiths are the main source to learn about Islam, and that exist some Muslims thatdon't consider all Hadiths inspired, i see necessary to make aelementary question to…

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