Hello everyone! :)

It's great to see you here.

This question bothers me much. lol. Are you on the phone while watching TV? Poor the TV! LOL

I have observed recenly that some people are busy with their phone while the TV is on. "Anyone tell me, please! Who are watching this TV program?" I tried to switch off the TV. But what??? One of them realized it, "Why did you switch off the TV?". The TV is on again, and again, they ignored what was going on in TV program. LOL.

What were they doing on their phone?? Watching YouT**e, insta**am, face**ok, other social medias. :D So what is the function of TV? It's like LIVING DECORATION. LOL

We also forgot that it's a wastful energy. ^^

What do you think about this? I'd be glad to hear from you. 

Have a great week! ^_^

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  • oh Onee,  that is what bother you so much??!! ))))

    my TV also works.. all the time.. almost noone watch is so much


    • Hi Bossona, :D

      If that's ok for you, at least, I hope you don't mind the electricity bill. ^^

      Thanks for your comment. 


           We can’t deny that television, books, video games, magazines and the internet have been playing a big role in our life. If we use them appropriately we can benefit a lot from them.

            Finally, on behalf of myself I am against to be my mind busy with more than one of the stuff I mentioned on top. I like to give each one their appropriate time. God bless you.   

    • Hi Sewar,

      That's so true, I absolutely agree with you. 

      Thanks for your comment. :)

  • People are multitasking nowadays, Onee )) Like, I am working right now, but same time reading smth here and even commenting on some things that catch my attention. ))) As for the TV...it's kind of a background, I think. I mean, if the TV is on, it means everything is on its place and order...hhh. Maybe. I might be mistaken, cos personally I do not even have a TV in my room. Too much information without it. 

    • I see, Olga. If multitasking you mean like this, I will accept it. But the TV is on is like we really waste energy while we are wacthing videos on Youtube.... LOL....

      Thank you for your comment. :)

  • Dear Onee, I can´t wach TV and have a conversation with a cellphone in the same moment, maybe I don´t have this special gift, thanks, have a great week too!!!!

    • Hello Laura,

      That's good, at least you don't waste energy. :D Thanks for your comment. ^^

  • I don't watch TV.. but yeah I use cellphone while watching videos or any movie.. :P


    • :D Okay, okay... ELF-Noor. Don't use your two gadgets at the same time. :D It wastes energy. 

      Thank you for your joining this discussion.

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