Hello All Members, especially MyEC Chatters. ^^

I'd like to asked you a question. Mmm, maybe not one, but more. :D

What if there's no MyEC ChatRoom anymore here? Will you sleep all day or hold a protest?? :D *kidding

Do you like MyEC ChatRoom today or there's no difference whether there's a chatroom or not? Do you think it is useful for extentifying your knowlegde? Yep, you see that maybe no mods in the ChatRoom. But, that's not the case. How is this ChatRoom now useful for you?

Have you tried to discuss many things in the discussion or blog section?

IF, If one day you wake up and don't see MyEC Chatroom anymore? What would you do? ^^

I'm waiting for your answers. You can say your opinions here. Let Mr. Josef know it. ))))

Thanks and have a good day!


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  • I like chatroom in MYEC, no matter if I get somebody to talk to or to be silent!

    • Okay, bet. 

      Deal!! 😃

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    • Hi Haya,

      😁 C'mon...Are you serious? You can still see MyEC ChatRoom when you wake up anyway. 😅

      Thanks for your comment.

  • I'm an old member in EC, I have been used this website before 2012, I forget the excat time of it, but I remember that I already join in EC before I was in master degree in 2012. I followed this website since there were many moderators joined and active in chat until the chat platform changed to this recent platform. I was helped so much in increasing my reading and structure by using chat almost everyday, I met some friends there too, there're some friends who I already met in the real life, there's some other friends who I haven't met yet, but we have a plan to meet someday, we just contact and communicate in EC, because we don't contact using another media at all, if chat isn't available anymore in EC, it'll disappoint many members, especially me as an old member in EC, because chat is the most interesting feature in EC. Thank you.

    • Hello dplongitm,

      It's great to see you back! MyEC ChatRoom won't be deleted I guess. We can use it whenever we want. 

      Thanks for your comment. 

  • Hello, what are you chatting about? :-) Nice greetings Josef

    • Hello, Josef Svoboda.

      There is MyEC ChatRoom on this site. You can chat with other members there. 

      Thank you. 

  • Komunikasi antar anagota akan menjadi kurang. We need communication with one another, especially during these days.  Nice query.      

    • Hello Teacher Dara, it was actually old question. 

      We found people like chatting, still.

      Thanks for your comment. :)


  •   I have a feeling same as Ms Nan. Have not many people want to talk to improve their english, They always talk about politic or something else. But I believe that section is very important for everyone. And hope can be talked and made friend with guys here.

       Thanks and have a nice day!


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