Stay safe, healthy, and happy! :)

Hello dear MyEC friends,

I'm glad to see many of you sound and active on MyEC. I'm sorry for making you worry. Alhamdulillah, I'm very well now. :)

It's true that I had been through the hard day last month. But it's not really bad. I'd thought the worst thing but then I focused on the recovery. If you would like to know, here is the story.

It starts from Saturday, 17th July, 2021. I had a fever and catched a cold, fair pain. I consumed honey every morning, but in three days, no much effect. Temperature of my body was still high, I felt dizzy and queasy, I was coughing with phlegm on my throat, decreased appetite, water and food tasted bitter, I felt weak and tired. Then, I consumed paracetamol to have a quick recovery from fever. I also drank vitamin C. That time, I just thought about how to get well, whether it's COVID-19 or not, I didn't really care much. I started sunbathing routinely in front of my house, every morning.

On 21st July 2021, I tweeted on MyEC telling that I had fever and flu (a cold) (This part is not important, D). That day, I spent a lot of time only lied on my bed. I didn't work, cook or wash clothes since I had a fever. Next day, in the morning, I went to the bathroom and realized that I couldn't smell the fragrance of soap. I remember that that was so fragrant the day before, the aroma of grape. Then, I told my husband to buy cajuput oil.

"What happened to you? Anosmia?" (Anosmia is inability to to perceive smell/odor, partially or completely). This is one of the symptoms of having COVID-19. But that time, I felt more relaxed. :) Why? It is said that anosmia indicates as mild to moderate form of the COVID-19. Most sufferers of anosmia have recovered in one to three weeks. I had not only anosmia completely, but I also had ageusia (ageusia is inability to detect any tastes). Well, this condition is really uncomfortable. I didn't wish anything to eat, but I kept taking my meals for the recovery.

(It is said that cajuput oil helps reducing inflammation on nasal cavity. It can be good therapy to have recovered from anosmia)

How about my husband? Well, to be honest, he had been sick for five days before me. :D. We hadn't known if that is COVID-19 until he said that he also had loss of sense of taste and smell. So, we both are COVID-19 patients, at home.

Fortunately, we kept enjoying the days without much worry. Of course we should take a rest more and eat well for a quick recovery. We should take care of ourselves, ignoring people so that we would not spread the virus. However, we kept smiling, we kept thinking positive that we would recover soon. We encouraged each other. This also helps us to have a quick recovery, happiness.

All the pain I felt gradually recovered, I had fever for about 8 days. On the eight day of having anosmia, 29th July 2021, I could smell cajuput oil and perfume, but at a very close distance. On Saturday, 31st July 2021, I started cooking again. Today, I do normal activities though anosmia and ageusia haven't recovered 100%, but almost, I can say.

Thank you so much for your attention, my friends. It means a lot. Please take care of yourselves. Having Covid-19 is not a choice at all.

Wishing you safety, prosperity, good health, and happiness. :)

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  • I know its kinda late but I am glad that you are well Onee-chan. 

    Speed recovery and Take care


    • Hello Fizzy,

      Thank you, my dear neighbor. Wish you a good health as well.

      See you around. 😇

  • You are right dear Covid- 19 is not a choice at all, but I think our choice is to be strong enough to face it and recover soon from it .  Nice to hear that you are better now . Wish you health and happiness . Stay safe !

    • Yes, Hala.

      We should face it, whatsoever. Thanks a lof for your comment and wishes.

      Glad to see you around. 😇

  •         Really I am glad to the way that you were dealing with your illness. You could create peacefulness in your mind, so your body reflects it as perfect health. God bless you and your family as well.

    • Hello Sewar,

      Thank you for encouragement.

      Peacefulness. I like this word. I believe that if we deal with everything with peacefulness, it would be easier. I also learn about it.

      God bless you and your family. 😇🙏


  • Ok a question for you Onee.  When you couldn't taste food, were you able to taste Spicy?  Did you try any spicy food and the flavor was gone but you could still taste the spiciness?  Or was that also gone?

    I just ate some spicy ramen noodles that are famous in China (I think they are from Korea though) and thought of this question.  


    • Hello Tim, 

      Spicy ramen noodless...😋😋 

      When I could't detect any tastes, I didn't try high level of spicy food because I also had a problem with my gastric. I remember once I ate fair spicy food that time. I tried the condiment. It was tasteless. That's why I said it's not comfortable at all.


  • Hi, One-chan, I am glad to hear you got better. We need you.

    • Hi Tam,

      Thanks for your concern and encouragement.

      Stay blessed! 

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