Solutions to Global Warming?

The world is hotter than usual...😰

What is your real solution and contribution to solve and stop this global warming?

As for myself, I cannot reduce my electricity consumption.. I work with computer, with fullday air cooler 😔 at home. I also use plastic bubble for packagings.

What I can do now is separating organic and anorganic waste. There are many creative people recycle unused things to be useful again today.

What about you?

Thanks for your time.

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  • I stopped riding  cars for short distances

  • Salam Sis I hope you are fine. 

    In order to deal with global warming and all type of pollution, Environmental Protection Agencies in all the member countries of United Nations has been created in 1980s. Every Country has its Enviornmental Qulity Standards and its Rules and Regulation. They need to ensure its compliance. In this way, global warming caused by global pollution may be curtailed globally by the collective effert of all the memebers countries under umbrella of United Nations. This is the State's responsiblity and it is respobliblity of every individual  and industrialist to take part in plantation to the maximum. 


  • Hi everyone, in my opinion, we can reduce global warming by reducing our meat consumption. I want to try impossible meat as an option
    But, it is a controversial topic, of course. I have found a few different points of view about it. You can check them via the link below

    Global Warming Essay Samples | Get Access To Global Warming College Essay Examples
    Essays on Global Warming 🎓Use these essay samples and g
    • Hello Kenneth,

      Good read! though I read only the part. 😃

      Why meat? 🤔 

      Thanks for joining the discussion.

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    • Hello Feliciandrine,

      Yes, it's really hot these days.. It's good to have aloe vera at home. 

      Thank for joining the discussion.

  •      My friend, loving our earth is something we can all do. It provide us everything we need. In return we have to honor it at all times by keeping it reasonable place to be lived. And by listening with love to its messages. So, every one of us has his own duty to take care of our planet. If we do not take care of our planet, where will we live?

         On behalf of myself, I do my best to do my responsibility to keep our earth refreshed and healthy. I know it is not an easy task but at least I provide something such as; I barely use my car, in steed I prefer waking and that healthier for my body as well, and my spouse does the same. I accustomed my family to switch on the ear conditioner just few hours during the day, if it is amust. At night we just open the windows because the weather is very nice. And I will not forget to mention that; I forbid my children to play with fireworks. At last but not least, my family decided to not make barbeque parties but occasionally. 

         Finally, I hope in the future I will have another thoughts. Thanks for sharing this beautiful idea with us. God bless you.

    • Hello Sewar,

      It's great to have barbeque party once in a while... 😇. By the way, is it okay (safe) for your family to open the windows while sleeping? I mean.....from people outside, or you have a nice house probably...

      Great contribution from you and your family. I hope we can work together for the best to take care of the earth. 

      Thanks for joining this discussion. 

      God bless you, too. 

  • Saya harap kabar kamu baik mod. Onee Chan. Industrious areas should be established far away from the city.

    • Hello Teacher Dara, 

      I'm good, I hope you are good too. Thanks. 

      I agree with you about that. So, can you tell me what your solution is? :)

      Thanks for joining the discussion.

  • This golbal warming is the big thing we need to worry a lot. But ,I don't think people as well as leaders  in the world give attention for it.  we all sense this changs throuhg devastating floods, horreble fires and so on. concerning my contribution towards reducing this warming , I planted trees as much as I can.   But I feel empty when I think of the polution that exctracted from big industries.


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