Hello every one. I am Alireza From Iran. I am here to practice english and touch typing. I explain my job with two purpose, first of all i practice english and second i explain my bussines.

I have been working in the field of security systems for 15 years and now our company produces high tech gates and expirt it .

EAS gate is a sysyem that is installed in the exit of the stores and prevents shoplifting. It consists of three parts. Gate, tags and detacher or deactivator to disconnect or disable tags.

I am native in Azeri and fluent in Persian and lerning Russian. 


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    1. That is very interesting Alireza. I understood everything you wrote, but there were a few small mistakes you may want to know about. The first is in the title of your post. It has to do with the differences in speaking about singular and plural nouns. I bet you can find two different ways to correctly ask the question about EAS gates or a single gate. Can you find a better way to say it?
  • Hello Among Us Alireza! It's great to have you here and learn about your expertise in security systems. EAS gates sound like an essential component in preventing shoplifting and ensuring security in stores.

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  • Welcome to our EnglishClub family. 

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