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  • The past events as they actually happened, (and/or the ones which are currently happening, and are being recorded for the future) is described as ‘history’.  Its purpose is to give an honest representation, while its conception is to be the truth that correspondences with what was one ‘a reality’. History, is, without any condition, the search we conduct for and/or after facts and events that really happened.

    On the other hand, fiction is our free spanned choice to indicate events that, though, never occurred, but are the mere expectations of the narrator are happening or going to happen.  These are the creation of the writer, an imaginary story, which the writer is free to deviate from reality.  The analysis of the truth, which is applied to the work of the historian do not have any relate to this work of fiction.

  • Not verything written as history is in fact history.  True history will endeaver to avoid bias by the author.  Today there is a movement to rewrite history.  That then will produce a history that reflects what those people want it to reflect.  In the past that was usually done by governments who didn't want the real history to be known.  Today it is often factions of society.

    History and fiction are different but just as it is now sometimes hard to separate a real photo from one that has been edited using Photoshop, it is sometimes hard to separate history from the fiction used to replace it.

    • xia xia Tim. History is always about past events. While fiction is always about imaginary events. They can meet at some intersections. Thanks, Tim New for your nice comment. Once more, I am sorry for the late reply.

  • Hello Teacher Dara,

    I guess yes. The fact, we know history from what people wrote. It doesn't really represent the real history. Sometimes, it was written by evil people who don't like the fact discloses. Then, a fiction make it more unclear. A fiction can make people think more creatively and make a great idea. Somehow, it is sometimes  just a waste of time.

    So, it is true that history and fiction are related to each other. With just an event or era, someone can make a fiction.

    Thanks for the discussion.

    • Saya setuju dengan anda mod. Onee. Of course, I agree with your point of view. Fiction can go to unclearness most of the time and it does not tell real things. While history can relate things to their real places and happenings. I like your point of view. forgive me for not replying sooner. Don't forget to extend my regards to your friends and family too. Thanks again.

  • When we talk about dinosaurs, are we really talking about things that happened millions of years ago? If your answer is yes, then how do we know how they lived? I think our fatansies combined with certain discoveries make us imagine how they might have lived. Thus, history, though not always, is alsio created by our imaginations. Too me, they're related and I'll go as far as calling history an alternative fiction.


    • Guten morgen Olaf Gunta. I agree with you. Thanks for your nice comment and I am sorry for the late reply.

  •      History is the most mysterious and magnificent word in the world. Its mystery and magnificence is due to the amount of incidents that happened in the past. Despite that we didn’t witness that era, but we know a lot about it. All what we have from it, is just what we found in history books. Those books were written by people who were, sometimes, manipulated by their imaginations, their interests and their passions to analyze what has happened. Therefore, we can’t differentiate between false and true events.

         Apparently, history affects our present and possibly our future. In other words, it played a big role in forming our present with all its ideas, cultures, customs and our relationships, which all of that would be transformed to our generation.

          My friend, no one can deny that contrary to history is present. Which represent the truth, because it is always happening before our eyes. So, there is no questioning of its credibility.

         Finally, thanks a lot for this kind of brainstorm. God bless you and your family as well.

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