Do you like travelling? How do you like travelling? By aeroplane, by boat or by train?

I like travelling by train because it is one of the most comfortable means of transport . You can sit and look out of the window at passing towns or go to the restaurant car for a coffee and snack. The fact that you can get up and wander around makes train journeys so much more enjoyable than trips in the car.

I remember once, our family decided to travel by train to our holiday house rather than go by car. It was a pleasant change. Father . who is usually in a bad mood when he drives, was relaxed and happy . We all arrived feeling refreshed, ready to enjoy the holiday ahead of us.

Travelling by plane is exciting. I like the feeling when the plane is preparing to take off. It goes faster and faster until it rises into the air . It makes me nervous to think that there is nothing between me and the ground. My mother always tells me that flying is the safest way to travel . I hope she's right.

When I was travelling to Rome one summer, I met some interesting people on the plane. They were from England and didn't speak a word of Greek, so we chatted in English. It gave me an excellent opportunity to practice and I told them all about my country. They urged me to visit England and suggested many places I should go and see.

Both travel is enjoyable if the weather is good and the sea is calm. In summer you can sit on the sun deck and watch passing ships. If the sun gets too hot you can go inside for a meal or drink. On overnight journeys, my parents book a cabin for the family and I always take the top bunk. If the bunk is near the window, I lie and watch the moon shining on the sea. It is a beautiful sight.




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  • Traveling by boat seems like a wonderful way to experience the sea and enjoy the tranquility of being surrounded by infinite craft water. Whether it's lounging on the sun deck or cozying up in a cabin with a view of the moonlit sea, there's a certain charm to sailing that can make the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

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