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Time machine

Are you a story lover? Or maybe you just like adventures? Imagine that our boss Mr. Josef surprised us with a time machine available for Ec members.

Share with us where and when you'd love to travel, for example... The States in the 70's, Spain on the

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Which one is correct? 1. The plane will take off in 5 minutes. 2. The plane will be taking off in 5 minutes. 3. The plane is going to take off in 5 minutes. 4. The plane is taking off in 5 minutes.

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Recently my country's government made a first step for legalizing this controversial law. The ones who promote this law state that dying is unavoidable but suffering shouldn't be and that it hasn't to do with murder or crime., for or against?


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Very or really?

Dear members of MyEC.


We often use really and very to emphasize, to intensify our statements.

But, do we really use them always correctly?

Can we use and interchange "really" and "very" anytime we want?


Let's see!


1. Really and very, used as Adverbs.



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16 Replies · Reply by sewar Jul 2
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