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You would like to buy some electrical goods at a shop in a nearby town. Write a letter to the shop and ask if they have the things you want or whether they will be able to order them. Ask what the pr

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to ask whether I can buy three computer appliances from your shop recently and how I pay for the products if I could order them in your shop.

Recently, I bought a new computer and it needs another three extra electronics, a camera, a CD player and a sound card. I know yo

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The detective entered the office of his boss saying, "I need a warrant for that house."  His boss said, "Why that house?" the smart detective answered, "the neighbors have doubts about the behavior of the lady of the house. Many men and women were seen coming in out of the house daily."  His boss said, "This is serious. Is it necessary to take that course of action? Have you any proof? Have you ever done any inquiries about it?"  The detective answered negatively

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How to protect yourself away from COVID-19?

1. Please wear mask when you go out.

2. Please keep 1.5 meters far away from other people.

3. Please wash your hands before you eat and drink.

4. Please do not use air conditioner.

5. Please open the window.

6. When you arrive at home, please wash your hands before you touch everything.



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How can you support your child fot talking ?

It is very important that you talk to your child.  But when do babies start talking ? Research has shown that children of parents who talked a lot to their offspring have a higher IQ than children who had little verbal contact. Read something to your baby and talk to him whenever possible. The baby language is very funny and sweet, but it is important that you speak to your baby normally and in the right sentences, because your child can only learn to speak properly if you show him how to do it

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Peeping after a long time

Hello guys,

How are you?

I know most of the members do not know me since I am an old member and writing here after a long time.

why did I decide to rest for a couple of months?

Honestly, I was feeling I was an addict of EC. :)

I wrote a log of blogs here and used the chat room for several hours.

It affected the real world I live in.

If any you feel just like I felt, you may write your comments.

Do you really feel you are experiencing addiction to EC?

Tell me!

Moreover, this blog is a test.

I want to see if

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Nature is sending us a message with the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing climate crisis. Humanity was placing too many pressure on the natural world with damaging consequences , and warned that failing to take care of the planet meant not taking care of ourselves.The covid-19 outbreak was a ''clear warning shot'' given that far more deadly diseases existed in wildlife, and that today's civilisation was '' playing with fire '' .   Who knows !!

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~ 2020-05 : WFH and WFO ~

WFO - Work from Office

WFH - Work from Home

Before the virus outbreak getting more serious, some of my office colleagues split into 2 categories.  

Work from Office & Work from Home. 

I am WFO which is okay for me because less crowded on public transport and the road is clear but last Friday 20th March, suddenly I have received a call from my boss said that I must clear from the office by 11 am. 

All workers whois work from office must clear out from the office.  All staff must work from home.   The

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People returning from foreign countries are bringing a new wave of coronavirus cases to my city. The visitors of my city also do the same. I live in Najaf, a holy city. The city are visited by many tourists because it contains Imam Ali's shrine. The results of examinations have shown that some people here have symptoms of covid-19.

Government orders people to lockdown to keep themselves in quarantine for unknown period, so we have furlough now. The whole country is under complete lockdown. Govern

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The mountain where elderly people were thrown away

Once upon a time, there was a mountain in a village where elderly people were thrown away to reduce the number of mouths to feed. Ichiro, who lived in the village, was a very poor farmer and lived with his mother, wife, and three children. They didn't have enough food so his children cried every day because of their hunger. Ichiro's mother pitied her grandchildren and asked him to leave her at a place deep in the mountain. She thought that the little food that they had should be shared among eve

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The diagram explains the process of an automatic irrigation and heat lamp system to care for a plant and what they combine.

Overall, the system is composed of four essential sections and other subparts to perform two functions.

According to the diagram, the most important unit was a microprocessor (Arduino) which played as a brain in the system and accompanied by a receptor was the temperature sensor (DHT11). Besides, it was also crucial parts in the system as the irrigation system and heat light

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The Greatest Pollinator


There's something roaming around in my itsy-bitsy garden. It's not a bird, not a plane, it's batman! Joke! (How I wish!) Well, it's this flying brown mammal!

I was amazed to see this critter flying back and fort to my seniorita banana tree that has finally set its bloom. Yay! So I was feeling like a NatGeo photographer, I instantly grabbed my camera and used a 300mm lens to capture this one.

I waited patiently for him to come back, like it took more minutes. It's almost midnight and there's da

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Jesus Christ , you traveled through towns and willages ''curing every disease and illness .'' At your command ,the sick were made well .Come to our aid now,in the midst of the global spread of the coronavirus ,that we may experience your healing love. Heal those who are sick with the virus .May they regain their strength and health through quality medical care.Heal us from our fear ,which prevents nations from working together and neighbors from helping one another. Heal us from our pride , whic

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          That day, when I see the announcement that we must learn in our home due to coronavirus thing AKA COVID-19. That means we’re free!! I am so happy hear that announcement. The next day, I already got bored. I don’t know what to do and I so worry about this news about coronavirus. And then I start to listening some music to distract me but I am into it. My body start to follow the rhythm of the music and I start to dancing. Dancing is so fun and useful because when you dancing you feel fr

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My Silly Friend🌸

Among of all my classmates, I have one silliest friend. Her name is Tio Aini🥰. All college students of my class call her Aunty💋. She is a slim and tall girl. Her skin's color is yellow complexion. She looks cute with her little nose and baby face. Her hobby is playing game and watch a drama. She is a clown of my class. When the class is cancelled, she often tells us jokes. Her diction and silly act always make our class is full of laugh. I feel so lucky to have a silly and funny best friend like

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Corona Versus our Consciences


What is going on? Is it the end of the world or the end of humanity? Would it be a conspiracy of some sort? On the other hand, it might be a pure act of gaining money. More than a quarter of a million people went to the other world. Here, the equation is not balanced.

Shall we go back to ourselves and our consciences? Corona is the cause. Yes, it could be the reason, why not? It could be a matter of paying attention to our deeds. At least, we have done something bad, real bad!

We cheat, Corona do

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Story of the day.

"Years ago, anthropologist Margaret Mead was asked by a student what she considered to be the first sign of civilization in a culture.
The student expected Mead to talk about fishhooks or clay pots or grinding stones.

But no. Mead said that the first sign of civilization in an ancient culture was a femur (thighbone) that had been broken and then healed.
Mead explained that in the animal kingdom, if you break your leg, you die. You cannot run from danger, get to the river for a drink or hunt for

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Music festival

I love going to music festival because I can meet other people with same of music taste, we can sing together, feel the rythem, jump like crazy while follow the beat without feel embarrassing to each other. And, I can make new friends while come to music festival, I can also meet my favorite band in person that's why I love going to Music Festival.

And my favorite band is fourtwnty :)

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My country is a developing country

Developing countries are a general term used to describe a country with a low level of material welfare. Developing countries have more developed economies that other developing countries. The state can be said to develop if is citizenc fell prosperity peace, peace and there are no citizenc who feel hard anymore. Developing countries are like following the flow of an increasingly modern era. Therefore we as citizenc must keep abreast of the times so that we do not miss the news. 

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