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Are they doctors or murderers?


A young girl went to the clinic for some checkups. Once at the office, she was injected by the doctor and all at once she fell asleep, and then he raped her.

After she woke up, she noticed that her body wasn’t in a good condition, she noticed that she has been raped by the doctor.
She asked him “What did you do to me?” the doctor replied “I did nothing to you. Absolutely nothing”

At that day, the young girl went back home.

Few weeks passed, she didn’t see her menses. Being afra

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What is your most facepalm moment?

10 minutes before office hours ended. I was reading a message from my friend. 

"Are you in?" she asked. 

"Yes, count me in!" I answered.

Of course, I needed some fresh air after work. But then another message came in.

"Can you stay for 1 hour? I need your help." It was from my boss. Grumbling at the situation, I replied back to my friend.

"But maybe a bit late. An old crocodile is holding me back." 

And the message got sent boss. *facepalm*

Your turn:)) What is your most facepalm moment?

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We Survived it

After a year and a half into the pandemic, finally I met you in person. What a great moment when I held your hands in mine and touched your face. I was filled with joy when I read in your eyes that you still remembered me, even behind the mask. Nurses had doubts, but love defeated Alzheimer's. Teardrops were rolling down my face and making the mask wet and so did yours; nurses too.  My shaking voice was telling us one thing my dear, “We survived the virus and nothing will separate us again, noth

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Conflict Of Interest

Finally, season 3 of "The Penthouse" brings this drama to an end. The drama illustrates numerous trouble caused by conflict of interest, specifically at the workplace. The drama tells us how severe the aftermath of greediness and misuse of power or wealth are. Conflict of interest is a situation when an individual or a group becomes undependable because their personal interests intervene their professional decisions. Their personal interests make the decision is not credible. 

Of course, such a s

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I Will Never Do It Again!

          It is human instinct to learn something good or bad as per his own interest and environment, but if you have a strong curiosity that always pushes you to learn and experience something new and different, you then rarely pay attention to Rules and Regulations or any instructions. Sometimes in learning you may go beyond the limit knowing its consequences. At the end, you just learn from experience “I’ll never do it again!” which you may learn from others’ experience without endangering y

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Motivating kids to read

My son is 8, and when he has a free minute, he reads: in the car on the way to school, on the bench, before football training. He even manages to get a book while we go shopping.  In this article I will tell you how I managed to nurture love of reading in my child. 

A friend's daughter started reading at the age of 3, my son at the age of 5; but he began to show interest in real books only about 6 years old. If a kid learns to read at the age of 3, this doesn’t mean that he will immediately read.

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Keep the positive mindset


There was a young man who often liked to say "wonderful"

He one day went hunting with his boss. Once in the forest, he suddenly saw an animal and then he took the gun from the boss. He triggered the gun boom!!!

Unfortunately the bullet cut his boss's thumb.
The guy was sent to prison after the incident.

One week later, the boss went hunting for the second time alone. He went so far he surpassed the his country's boundary.

All at once, he was caught by cannibalists and was tied up on a t

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2021-11 : Planner 2022

What is happiness...?

Happiness to me is when I open a parcel full of new planners.  hahaha

I am still thinking about what should I get for planner 2022.   I did roaming few sites to see which planner might I like. 

Which one do you prefer?

Erin Condren


Happy Planner

Archer & Olive

Hobonichi Techo

There are lot more sites but the link above I frequently visit. 

I still waiting for a new release from Kokuyo - Jibun Techo Days.   Still no news on pre-order here in my country.   bummer...  I already

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a new study shows that COVID-19 vaccination has more benefits than we anticipated. It may contribute to the improvement of our mental health as well as our immunity.
The researchers tracked people who received any coronavirus vaccine between December 2020 to March 2021. They found that those who had received a shot are less likely to show any sign of mild or severe depression. At the earlier stage of the pandemic, mental health concerns and substance abuse raised four times than the pre-coronavi

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In my 13 years of teaching English to speakers of other languages, Reading Explorer by National Geographic is the best tool I have discovered to build reading skills.


The image to the left is from China's Taobao.  In China, Reading Explorer comes as a set of 6 books divided into levels starting at Foundation and going up to Level 5.

In Hong Kong, the set I bought was just 4 levels - Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced.  The 4 books contained more or less the same material as the 6 book

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The pen


In life, we find strange things. Along the way, we meet people. Good ones and bad ones, too. Our thoughts and beliefs are made about them. Our judgment is formed about them, and it is not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. Anger and hostility may arise later. The most important thing is, we meet those people face to face and we know them personally.  This is natural.  

The most difficult thing to understand or rather the most confusing thing is the people you know by the pen. That writing i

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Arts and Science

These days, people are becoming more and more interested on science, technology and business rather than arts. There are man reasons behind that. For me the following two reasons are most important among them

Firstly, nowadays due to technological revolution computer games and social media have taken the place of arts. Earlier people went to concert or art gallery to spend leisure-time but now, people are not interested on fine arts or classical music.

Secondly, it is required sophesticated mind t

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Arts is an important part of our culture. It represents the history and the heritage of a nation. Governments usually spent a lot of money on the promotion and development of the arts. Some people believe spending this extravagant amount of money is unnecessary and could be spent on the development of the economy and technology. I strongly oppose their opinion.

First of all, despite little tangible value, Arts have a huge emotional impact on our everyday lives. It motivates people and encourages

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It's a bit chili here today

It's a bit chili today (pun intended).9519340452?profile=RESIZE_710x

Some fresh Carolina Reapers and Red Ghost to dry;


40+ dried Carolina Reapers ground with seeds;


Brasilian Malaguetas used to make a new bottle of pepper sauce (not shown).  But 


These are some of my existing Southern Pepper Sauce of various spice levels.  Just combine chiles / chilies / chillis (Spelled a variety of ways) with 5% vinegar and a little salt in a glass bottle.  If you want it spicier, cook the chiles in a little oil before adding the vinegar.  Pun

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Using a Kindle to improve English

Improve your reading and English with a Kindle


I love reading.  I love to read physical books but also to read electronic books or ebooks.  To read an ebook, you need a device since the words are not printed on paper but designed to be read on an electronic device.  The one I am most familiar with because I use it is the Kindle from Amazon.  Other e-readers may have similar features.

So how can a Kindle help you improve your reading and your English?

When you are reading, you don’t want to stop ev

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2021-10 : I wonder..


It's has been a while,  Do you miss me?   I wonder... 

I have been away for 2 months.  I stop using social media.   I didn't post much on my social media.  I don't know why, but it feels kinda depressed.  It's like I am thinking so many things and yet it's empty.  

I have been listening to music, reading online ebooks, and watching drama.   I have been searching for a happy ending. 

Daily routine the same tho.  Work from home and office.  I got a new laptop from the company, which is good because

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Hackers steal your personal information. Hackers embedded security database server. Hackers may try to steal your data and many other messages like that. We find these things on the internet. The people who do that are programmers or genius people. They might be even philosophers of their time.  They do technical things that hinder us from accessing our accounts. they get illegal access to our computers. It becomes complicated, or even difficult to access our accounts.  

 Of course, we heard th

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