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The Road Less Traveled

The Poet Robert Frost wrote what is now a famous poem - The Road Not Taken and since you have had other poems written exploring similar themes and even a book written about making choices in life.

I have been fortunate to travel more than most and I have always tried to get off the beaten path and see places and things that most "tourist" don't.  You'd be surprised what you can discover if you allow yourself the freedom to explore.  Guidebooks and online searches are great to get an idea but don'

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Badge on Your Profile Picture

Hello everyone on MyEC,

You must know that we have badge on our profile. Have you ever thought what that mean?

The following is as Mr. Josef explained.

The "badges" reflect member activity + length of membership.

Activity includes posting of content such as:

  • blog posts
  • photos
  • videos
  • comments/replies
  • discussion topics
  • discussion replies

From lowest to highest, badges are:

  • FLAG

So, by this explanation, are you saisfied or something? *KIDDING.

This is all I can inform you. Thank you for your t

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What’s your taste in Music?

Musical Taste?


What’s your taste in Music?  English allows us to use the word taste in other areas of life than food.  You can have good taste or bad taste in fashion, music and even friends.  When one talks about one’s taste, we are talking about what we prefer or like.


When it comes to Music, Movies and Books we talk about genres (pronounced John rah or if you prefer Zahn rah) and it refers to the way we can separate these into groups with similar characteristics so we have comedy movies, roma

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So you want to be a great chef.  Let's take a step by step look at making Korean Jjajangmen - noodles with black bean sauce.


First, place a small pot of water on your stove and heat it on medium until hot.



You can wait until the water starts to boil to add the noodles or you can get a jump start and add the noodles after the water is at least hot.


After adding the noodles you can reduce the heat to low and cook the noodles about 5 minutes until they are fully separated and tender.

Then, drain the

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A Boring Life

Many people claims that they have a boring life. Hearing this statement, I actually become skeptical.

According to me, it is ourselves that can make our lives not so boring. People have daily activities. They have to work or learn or just enjoy their time. In a certain time, they surely meet a feeling of boredom. But, then, many people can cope up with it. How do they deal with it?

I'm not sure, but from my view, some of them are:

  • They learn something new.
  • They do instrospection and make some change
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Hajj 1443 - 2022


Hajj is next week. People have already gathered from different areas of the world to perform Hajj. It is a difficult journey especially in the past. Nowadays, it is less tiring than before. Of course, the financial and physical abilities are very important for the individual to perform Hajj.

 It starts on the eighth of the month of Thulhijja..  It is called (Tarwiya day) Irrigation day. Pilgrims come to perform (Tawaf Algudum) arrival circumambulation. They  come on this day and get ready for th

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Not the Better

A dialog between a man and his friend.

A man: Please fix my smartphone, the screen is blurred.

His friend: Let me see. [checking for some time]

You should buy a new screen. That's the only solution.

A man: OK, my friend, I believe in you. 

His friend: By the way, where is the smartphone you bought from me last month? That is better.

A man: It's on my wife.

His friend: I see. But I remember you had an excellent smartphone with higher RAM.  Where is it now?

A man: It's also on my wife.

His friend: Oh, I se

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Clouds in the sky

are like ideas in my mind,

they are floating up and down,

dancing and whirling,

without a sound.


Clouds in the sky

are like waves in our hearts,

they are moving and changing, 

taking our dreams so far.


Clouds in the sky 

are like a sweet fragance

that thrives,

filling and touching our lives.


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The Nightmare

With a worried face, I was looking at the book of physics. My exam was tomorrow and I had not studied well. My heart was beating and my hands were trembling. I tried to open the book and learn something but all of my efforts were in vain. I had no hope. I was the most unfortunate soul of the universe.

The alarm clock was ringing to annoy me. I thought that I slept while I was trying to learn the book. I looked at the clock. The small hand of the watch was at 8. 


I was late! I had only one h

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Write a blog Today

Blogging is related to the main aspect of English learning which is writing. We must know that writing proficiency is necessary too like speaking fluency. Many of us do not like to write something daily. They might have their own reasons.

In my opinion, every English learner should write something daily. Writing habit has several benefits. There are various ways of writing practice; blogging is one of them. A question may be asked that why we should write a blog.

First of all, if we write a blog

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Russia underestimated Ukraine and Ukraine mistook Russia. Russia invaded Ukraine because of that. The Ukraine government wasn't fully ready for the invasion. For example, because they use weapons made in the former Soviet Union, they had to retrain their soldiers to use weapons made in Western Countries provided by them. The width of the train rails is different between Western countries and Ukraine, so when relief supplies from Western countries had to be carried to Ukraine by trains, those sup

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I Am Always Late

I know what is true and what is wrong, yet I remain silent, thinking that lies will not be hurt, and when I realize that I have to support the truth, I delay it, because when I realize that the truth is death. Supporting the truth became meaningless. 
I know who used to love me and who pretend to be my lover, yet I remained silent letting both fight against each others. The winner would be my choice. When the true lover lost the battle and she lost somewhere. I then realize that no one was loser
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An uncompleted joy (1)


Sara and Dina are sisters. Sara is two years older than Dina. Their parents died when they were very young. They left a big house, an elegant car, and a huge amount of money in the bank for them.  They were wise at the beginning and they agreed to live in the house and sell that car and buy two for them. Sara thought that the car was part of their parents hereditary. They were supposed to keep it but later on she changed her mind for both of them to have a car for each of them.

Dina's boyfriend

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If you grow plants, often you can propagate the plant with cuttings.  Tomatoes are a great example.



In the photo I have indicated in red where "suckers" exist.  These stems will not produce fruit on this plant but will take energy and nutrition that could go to produce more and larger fruits.  So they should be pruned (cut) from the plant.

If you want more of that plants of that kind of tomato, you can take that cutting and either place it in water or in soil and it will root.  Now you have anoth

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Advertisements are an important part of our lives, but do we always understand them?

In this article, I want to discuss the most commonly used creative approach. We see it in advertisements and Art, and it originated in English-speaking countries.

Usually, people take a set phrase, which is well known to the wide public, or at least to the target audience, and change one word with another one.

An example could be substituting the title of the popular book Arabian Nights with Arabian Days. I did tha

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Bodies are made to move ! They are not designed for sitting around in front ..... .television or reading magazines. Keeping fit doesn't have to be a super-athlete ,  and even a .........exercise can give you a lot of fun. When you're fit and healthy, you'll find you look better and feel better.

You'll .........more energy and self-confidence.

Every time you move you.............exercising . The human body is designed to bend, stretch, run, j

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Hello EC people*! (yes, the *1 or 2 members that are still here around)

I've seen a bunch of nice movies lately, so I've been thinking that:

1) Since my movie taste is insanely good and  2) I'm super generous and I don't mind to share my film knowledge (once again, no need to thank me)

here is this blog post about some movie recommendations:




Ok, let's start with a funny one. I'm not into movies about vampires, but this one is very different.
Vampires doing va

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