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This group is for interested in Belarusian culture, customs, history.... Precisely in this stuff, not in debates about politic, etc. And for those, who are familiar with MyEC's rules☺.

Let's communicate in English and\in Belarusian, by organizing meetings or just corresponding here, telling something or asking, and much more. Maybe someone is interested not only in these two languages, and will find like-minded people here.
Let's translate various texts into English from Belarusian, try to compose something ourselves.

Let`s go!

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Some history facts

I translated the article I have put my explanation in brackets next to words that might be difficult to understand.I have put asterisks before two words to indicate my disagreement with the text. I think that in these places the word with the meaning "present", "modern" or "current" is missing. But for the rest, I agree with the author.By the way, I took this map of other ancient cities of the…

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Belarussian group

I found this place  yesterday and if be honest I don't know how good it is. I hope to attend their event ( I believe that it'll be soon) and share my opinion. Or you already know this group and can share your experience?

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