This morning is a very grey one. 

Not only because of a typical spring weather. So many years were spent on useless and fake things like someone's good words or appreciation. First you try to be right as your parents want you to be or your close friends. Then you try to impress your colleagues and reach all your dreams and make your intentions real and successful. Also you try to be a perfect one for your soul mate because you don't want to make any mistakes and you try to hide some unpleasant parts of your soul. Time passes quickly. You've finally have everything you dreamt about. And? What's next? 

A nice thought appeared in my head when I woke up. I remembered these words: 


We all know these simple things. Be yourself. Don't look at people behind your back and so on. But there's a huge difference between "I know" and "I do it every day".

So please, guys. Do it :) Let's just keep doing that :) 

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