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Who Should I Befriend?

To "befriend" means to make friends with someone. New members may not know who to approach. Can you recommend members who are good friends? 

I have so many people to recommend I don't know where to start. I'll pick the first 3 people who come to mind:

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Tanya's favorites

Dear Tara! Thank you for giving us a possibility to share our points of view. There are many interesting people in the EC and I'd like to tell everyone about my favorite pages.First of all, I'd like to mention Bill, the English teacher. He doesn't on

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Selma's Favourites

Hi everybody,Here are my favourites that's I've followed recently, ;I've already set up all these on my "useful pages" but joining to discussion is global reaction so I am happy.Thank you Tara Benwell and the commitments of the other members.How to L

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Zahra's favorites ..

Hi everyone ...Well...anywhere in this club ,I learn so many facts and I really enjoy learning ...Sometimes it is worth taking a look at shots by members ...Pictures can sometimes take you out of your bad moods ...At the same time they can be inspira

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