Who Should I Befriend?

To "befriend" means to make friends with someone. New members may not know who to approach. Can you recommend members who are good friends? 

I have so many people to recommend I don't know where to start. I'll pick the first 3 people who come to mind: 

These people are active on MyEC and will leave comments on your blog and share great content with you! There are sooooooo many great people on MyEC. Speaking of great friends, does anyone else miss Salim? We wish you well Salim wherever you are. Thanks for being a good friend. 

Which friends do you recommend for newbies? 

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  • wow Ida our friends are same how come ?? we have many things in common ;)
  • And ..., what again, Ida? ... :))

  • I would like to introduce some star friends who are very kind and respectable and very friendly : as in fact Nadira , Nadyah , Karnina , Michelle yang , and Michelle , SYED faysal Ali, vahid morady , Nebia , ohnie , Widyah , Ida, T-Taisha, rain ,skoony,superman,Viviana, john sahil arsalan, sam English teacher, tormes , Light me ,Lamengo,Hani, Nida , Nidal , Shosha, Yoko
    The List is too long I couldnt say All names , the Most of members are so nice and educated thats why I like to come EC often and when I dont see them in main room I feel sad hope we can keep in touch forever
    • including you, Mommy! you forgot your self :))
    • thanks Dreamer, you carved my name in your mind
      you're one of my good friends here, always welcome!

  • hello am nadira,from srilanka

    i can see am introduced already by soul mate karenina
    thankyou dear
    i joined your welcoming comitteeway back when it was started and have always taken time to welcome the newbies unto now .
    some of then keep in touch to get motivated in englsih.

    thankyou Tara, karenina is warm and freindly person she too is ideal to be in the welcome comittee and to befreind new members.
    nadiyah , farid ahamed too are good motivators and befreinders for new comers
    nadira moosin
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