A place to check in regularly and add your personal progress. Did you write a blog this week? Did you create a new photo album today?Did you read an ESL Magazine article? Did you chat for half an hour this week?You deserve a checkmark!
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A Place to Check In and Share

Sometimes all you need to do to keep your goals on track is to give yourself a checkmark! Please use this group to track your English progress. Each time you complete an activity on EC or MyEC, make a note of it in one of the following discussion forums. (If your activity is not already added, create a new forum. You can also create a forum with your own name to track all of your progress for a certain month.) As this group grows, watch how other members are using the club to learn English. Give yourself the English credit you deserve!

How to Check In and Track your Progress
1. Choose the correct forum (you can also add your own personal one or create a new one)
2. Use Reply to add your name (with a link to your My Page)
3. Add the date
4. Add a brief description (with a link to the blog, album, article)


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  • Hello Aija , Thanks for your nice invitation .

  • Hi, thanks for invitation.

    feel glad to see my Best friends in this home as well.:)

  • Hi my EC family!

    I'm so happy to be here! Thank BR for inviting me. I wish we could learn more day by day!

    Wishing all a wonderful weekend ahead!

  • Hello MYEC friends, I'm so glad to be here in this useful group that created by dearest Tara. I hope to find all best progress here with you.

  • Hello all :)

    Thanks dear Aija for inviting!

    It is really good group.

    We can find our activities in one glance here!

    And thanks dear Tara for making this useful group :)

  • It's very nice to see a 'Virtual Classroom' on MyEC now. It's really a good progress for all learners. Special thanks to all teachers over there!


  • Dear Nadira, thanks a bunch for the link to this group!

    It was really very great to talk on conference with you all. It was my first voice chat with you, and I'm very glad I could talk to you, and hope our that skype group will let us meet again soon.

       Well, you asked about some topic there and we couldn't talk on any specific topic that day, because we had no plan and we met by chance. Hope we can make another conference schedule soon and can talk on some topic.

    I think we should schedule our timing and topic before talking, through EC blog or discussion.

  • Thank you dear Nadira for giving me the link ....It was the first time I joined the conference ,and we didn't prepare for it,

    but we could easily find a good topic to talk about ...I think it's so important to teachers and learners to practice speaking ...and the conference make you feel that you are among English speakers share different opinions. Nice experience ! I hope we can talk frequently there ....

  • Today I met by  chance  Rajesh , Hala  and Yasemen on Skype  conference call.

    It was speaking to each other  for the first time through an in formal chit  chat   I will send  this link  to Rajesh , Hala  and Yasemen, in the hope  they too would  share  how they felt  voice chat  on Skype :)  through  this  group  My EC  Progress.

    It was pleasant  and nice . I really enjoyed  it :) 

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Finished with or have started a book in English?

Hi everyone.First of all, as I am new here, I want to thank Tara for adding such a useful group here. We can SEE with out own eyes how we are progressing on the path of learning and practicing English.Recently, just within a few days, I have finished reading the book "Daddy-Long-Legs" by Jean Webster. I have read the English script.I have to add that the first days, I was on the first page looking up the new words and writing them out on the margins. Then, I couldn't bear not to go through the…

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Nida's progress report!

I'm going to use this place as my diary where I can keep a track of my progress and save links to my favorite English learning websites.Here I will keep record of my personal progress so you may not find it something interesting or worthy of reading.In the end, Good Luck To ME !!!!!My Blog Posts !1. Writing Challenge #25 : 7 Secrets To Keep Your Eyes Healthy !2. EID AL-AdHA (The Festival Of Great Sacrifice)3. CANCER - Top eight cancer signs pinpointed4. HOW TO LIVE A HEALTHY LIFE ?5. The…

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What did you chat on the mains today?

26th OctoberI was on the mains for more than two hours I guess, it was interesting, newcomers both learners and fluent speakers . Most were dormantthe few of us were interacting the normal introductions, little discussions about ideas of traveling initiated by Anita.There was Pradeep asking us how it would be inside a coal mine?I was so happy and had a pleasant surprise when Karenina joined in too at the mains.As we met after a considerable time.Will keep you all updated with the next chat, and…

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